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Remember these faces – you don’t want these two in your cab

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Remember these faces – you don’t want these two in your cab | Samui Times
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These are the faces of two men that taxi drivers certainly don’t want in their cab.

taxi-theftThe are responsible for getting in a taxi in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, on Wednesday night. They told the driver to take them to a quiet soi then produced a Stanley knife (box cutter) and stole 500 baht and a phone, reports Daily News.

They then used the proceeds of their crime to buy cough syrup used as drugs.

Arrested were Sithithat (alias Khaw or Ice) Reuangjorn, 20, and his sidekick Nathawat (alias Tem) Norasan, 21. They were rounded up by Prakhanong police at two separate addresses in Sukhumvit Soi 93 and On Nut 17 yesterday evening.

Their arrest followed the theft from a taxi driven by Phakpoom

Janlasee, 50, on Wednesday. Phakpoom said he was hired to take the men from On Nut 17 to On Nut 30 just before midnight.

When they got to the destination he was told to drive 100 meters to a secluded spot.

Then the cutter was produced by the passenger sitting next to him and his property was stolen. The assailants disappeared into the Niran Condo area.

Police were soon on the case and sketches managed to give them a good lead on who was responsible. The taxi driver had a good memory for their faces, they said.

The pair admitted the crime but said this was the first time they had got money after a couple of failed attempts. Police don’t believe that. Sithithat is already wanted on a warrant for theft in a case in Prawet district.

The thieves said that they needed money to buy Procodyl that is a

cough syrup known in Thai as “Ya Pro” . It is mixed with drinks to

create a high.

The pair were initially charged with theft in the hours of darkness and detained as further investigations into their activities


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