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“Remove these parasites” – Russian “beg-packers” move their con to Chiang Mai

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“Remove these parasites” – Russian “beg-packers” move their con to Chiang Mai | Samui Times
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The Russian woman and her baby pictured earlier in the week begging on the streets of Bangkok have now seemingly moved their operation to Chiang Mai.

imageAnd now a man who is being referred to as her “husband” is joining her in the rip off.

A picture of the Russian woman, her baby and an unidentified Caucasian man were posted on the Facebook page of Cathal O Connell.

The poster referred to the man as the “missing husband” from the story that appeared on Thaivisa earlier in the week.

Apparently the woman had then turned down offers of help from Thais. But here she was in Chiang Mai trying again to sell pictures of her baby, according to the post.

Initial reaction to the story was swift with Pete De Barra screaming:

“Please somebody remove these parasites from the kingdom”.

The rest of the post is not suitable for publication.

Steve Thompson yelled “Busted” while another angry poster suggested that violence against the “beg-packers” was called for.

Beg-packing has become an increasingly noticeable phenomenon in Thailand recently with many westerners trying to get money by one means or another often to finance their holidays in Asia.

The issue divides the public though Thaivisa notes that it is fair to say that the majority of Thais and foreigners in the kingdom feel that westerners who can afford to fly to Thailand can also afford to fund their own stay.

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