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Repeat traffic offenders will be sent to work at morgues in hospitals

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Repeat traffic offenders will be sent to work at morgues in hospitals | Samui Times
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The Department of Probation has sought cabinet’s approval for its plan to send traffic offenders placed under probation to conduct public service by working at morgues in hospitals, said Mr Nonthachit Natepukkana, director of community affairs and social service division of Probation Department.

road offendersHe disclosed that the department earlier entered into an agreement with the Public Health Ministry to send traffic offenders placed under probation to carry out public service activities by assisting patients at hospitals on top of other forms of public service activities such as tree pruning and road sweeping.

Despite the new measure, he admitted that traffic offences tend to increase and several of the offenders used to commit traffic offences.

In order to make repeated traffic offenders to feel guilty so that they will not commit the same offences again, Mr Nonthachit said the Probation Department had proposed to the cabinet a proposal to send the unrepentant to work at morgues in hospitals.

However, he noted that only the court could order traffic offenders to do community or public services.

A meeting of authorities concerned with road safety was held Thursday at the Public Health Ministry to map out measures to deal with traffic problem and accidents during the Songkran festival.

After the meeting, Public Health Minister Dr Piyasakon Sakonsatayatorn told the press that Thailand ranks Number Two in the World and Number One in Asia for most road accident fatalities.

During the Songkran festival, the number of death toll averaged 2.3 deaths per hour and 160 people injured hourly.

Health permanent secretary Dr Sopon Mekthon said that precautionary steps on health issue to be taken during Songkran include the setting up of rapid mobile

medical units which are expected to reach the scene of accidents in 10 minutes and preparation of blood, patient’s stretchers and beds, oxygen and surgery rooms.

Sale of alcoholic drinks will be tightened up during the festival with a ban on sale for people under 20, he said.

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