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Resorts and “mushroom” restaurant seized as top brass descend on Koh Phangan encroachment

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Resorts and “mushroom” restaurant seized as top brass descend on Koh Phangan encroachment | Samui Times
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The deputy chief of the national Thai police led a huge delegation of officials to holiday island Koh Phangan yesterday to seize three resorts and a restaurant as part of the government’s action against illegal encroachment on forestry and public land.

Resorts andPolice General Sriwara Rangsipromnakul led the way with regional police, Surath Thani governor Wichawut Jinto and military men in the party.

Following a meeting they went on a tour of inspection. On Koh Pangan there are 19 disputed sites four of which have been deemed so far to have been illegally using public land.

Surveys on the ground and by helicopter have given the authorities enough evidence to prosecute in four cases.

They belong to a well known and influential “kamnan” or village chief on the island. He was not named in the Thai Rath story.

Seized were three resorts and a restaurant. These were: the Big Chill resort where there are 9 bungalows on four rai of land. Lighthouse Resort where there are twelve bungalows. Rin Beach Resort with 18 bungalows.

The restaurant is the Mellow Mountains Bar that Thai Rath said was raided for serving magic mushroom smoothies earlier.

Officials said that the other 15 plots are under investigation.

In total there are 48 places under investigation on Phangan and Koh Samui.

It is part of the government’s policy to rein in those who have illegally used public land for profit.

Ordinances and laws that have been contravened include those that date back to the 1940s regarding land use and harbor landing rights.

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