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The results of a safe sex survey in Thailand.

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The results of a safe sex survey in Thailand. | Samui Times
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A recent survey of two hundred people by the Disease Prevention Control Department shows that 29% of people do not use condoms when they have sexual intercourse with people who are not their partners in Thailand.

The survey took place between the 1st and the 30th of November. The group that took part answered questions about HIV/AIDS and the result was announced by Cherdkiat Klaewkasikit, the Director of the Risk of Communication and Health Behavior Development, which operates under the DPCD in Pitsanulok Province.

The poll was designed to raise awareness among the public of the risk of HIV/AIDS in Thai society. Mr. Cherdkiat Klaewkasikit hopes that it will reduce infection rates as well as deaths and should improve the public’s understanding of the disease.

safe sexThe survey also showed that 52% of those that took part are not aware of their partners previous sexual history, 31% said that they were certain that their partners use condoms when having sex with other people outside the relationship. 62% said they were confident that they will continue to have sex with only their partner for the duration of the relationship.

Shockingly 29% of respondents said that they have unprotected sex with people outside of their relationships and only 54% of those questioned were confident they could refuse unprotected sex.

47% of those surveyed said that they carry condoms in readiness for any occasion that would require them and 56% said that they have already undertaken tests for HIV. 9% admitted to sharing needles.

73% said that have learned that HIV/AIDS medicine is accessible for all Thai people and 83% knew that taking medicine can prolong the life of those infected. 39% knew the taking the anti-virus medicine could prevent the risk of passing the disease onto other people.

77% said they would tell their families if they found out they had HIV/AIDS, 9% said they know of close friends or relatives that already have the disease and 49% know of somebody that has contracted it.

14% said that they would stay away from anybody that was suffering from HIV , 2% said they feel the disease is disgusting and 4% said they feel disgust towards AIDS suffers.

Three quarters of those who took part in the survey said they would like to take an HIV test if it were available free of charge.

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