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The results of our Samui Times Juicy Weight Loss Challenge competition are in!

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The results of our Samui Times Juicy Weight Loss Challenge competition are in! | Samui Times
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Last week our six contestants set out on a mission to lose up to seven pounds (3.1) kilos in one week by taking part in a juice diet created by our weight loss expert Anzhela and taking part in work outs and fitness sessions.

After their final weigh in the results are in. (other than contestant B’s results as due to ill health she missed the weigh in)

Contestant C lost nothing in terms of kilos but she did lose inches. She lost 3.5 cm from her waist, 2 cm from her hips, 3.6 cm from her legs and 1 cm from her arms. This may have left her in last place in terms of shedding the pounds but she feels she is a winner in terms of shaping up.

Contestant A lost 1 kilo, so not quite the 3 he was hoping for but he did shift 2cm from his waist, 2cm from his hips and 2.5 cm from his chest so still a good result, if not exactly as much as he set out to lose.

Contestant F lost 2 kilos and a wweight loss winner 3hopping 3.5cm from her legs, 4cm from her chest, .5 cm from her legs and 2cm from her arms. A great result, she told the Samui Times – I was a little nervous about going on the juice diet for a whole week but my first day I was pleasantly surprised. The juices were delicious and I only felt hungry the day that my husband cooked a roast chicken, and that was more mental than physical. I have been in Thailand for 9 months now and this is the week I have felt the healthiest and therefore most alert, giving up the cocktails probably helped as well! The 2nd day of juicing I had a slight headache, probably from caffeine withdrawal, otherwise I felt fighting fit. I’m keen to keep up the healthy eating now that I have kick started my system.

Contestant D lost an impressive 2.5 kilos and lost an even more impressive 5cm from his waist, 2cm from his hips, 1.5cm from his chest and 1cm from his legs. He told the Samui Times – Losing those centimeters around my waist and actually dropping a few kilos in the process through the juice and exercise regime has really inspired me to continue the effort going forward. Results are always a good motivator. I have since made some steps to buying more fruits and vegetables and have even gone on line with the encouragement of my wife to search out for new recipes that incorporate vegetables that I normally would not even consider buying previously. It is equally exciting for her as it allows her to contribute her effort to help me and us get onto a more physically rewarding and healthier lifestyle by changing some old habits for new healthy ideas and approaches.

weight loss winner 2While I don’t think I can embrace going totally fruit and vegetables, I have learned to make healthier choices while grocery shopping and am loading up more on good protein foods like fish (tuna and salmon) and meats while easing off on the crisps and the sugary temptations. He had some words for his trainer Anzhela too – Thank you for your help and getting me to this new level of awareness. The change has been relatively painless (except for the lunges and squats-haha)

So onto our winner who is contestant E AKA Steve who lost a whopping 3.7 kg, he also lost 5cm from his waist, 2.5cm from his hips, 3cm from his chest and 1cm from his arms and he won a month of free personal training from Anzhela

Steve said “It’s been an invigorating and memorable experience. Weight loss, exercise, feeling great. And met some nice people. For me though, it’s not so much about what we have accomplished this week, because the benefits of a week of juicing and exercise will soon be lost if we go back to our old habits. It’s about changing our lifestyle, hopefully forever. More exercise, more fruit and vegetables, more seeds and nuts, less processed food, less coffee and alcohol – it’s really stuff we all know, but choose to ignore.

And that’s been the main benefit of this week – it’s taught me not to ignore my health. It’s made me more aware of my health and made me want to do something about it. It doesn’t matter if I lost 1 kg or 4 this week, it’s what comes next that matters most. “ He went on to say “Angela – a real trouper – all that shopping for fruit and veggies, 2 hours of juicing every morning, the workouts, a constant supply of information, and she was always upbeat and encouraging. Thanks from the Team.”

Steven is the ultimate winner but he said he would rather prefer the whole team take advantage of the training that he won for himself so our weight loss team are going to continue training as a team and eating more healthily.

On Steve’s win contestant D said “congratulations to Steve for losing the most and coming out a worthy winner. I think his gracious idea to continue the workout team and its efforts going forward is a splendid idea. I am happy to agree to continue the month long workout regime as Steve has suggested as I won’t be travelling till early Dec anyway and am invigorated to ramp up my health and stamina and I think our workout group is a truly fun bunch of guys and girls.”

weight loss competitionSo what does Anzhela think of the first Samui Times Juicy Weight Loss competition? She said “As you can see from the reviews people loved losing weight and feeling healthier and fitter, they loved the team work and got some friends in the process to continue the journey together to health and fitness together :). I’m planning to do more of those events. I want to do one starting on 4th of November and I am looking for five contestants to take place in the competition, the price be 9000 baht for the course that includes preparation such as food diaries, one on one help with finding a healthier diet, the juices, workouts, support, a follow up diet plan and of course lots of help, inspiration and encouragement.

If you are interested in taking part in the next Juicy Weight Loss Challenge drop us a line at

Hearty congratulations to all of our competitors and of course Steve for being our first winner!

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