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Review- Now You See me

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Review- Now You See me | Samui Times
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Now You See Me is the story of 4 magicians banded together by secret middle man to create a magic extravaganza never seen before. The Four Horseman as they are know are played by Jesse Eisenberg( The street Magician Daniel Atlas), Isla Fisher (Illusionist Henley Reeves), Dave Franco( Up and Comer Jack Wilder) and Woody Harrelson(mind-reader/hypnotist Merritt McKinney).

After robbing a bank live on stage in their first show they come under the attention of FBI agent Dylan Rhodes, played by Mark Ruffalo, and the cat and mouse game starts between the quartet and the authorities. Added in to the mix is a former magician that specializes in ‘debunking’ magic tricks played by Morgan Freeman(Thaddeus Bradley).

Directed by Louis Leterrier(The Transporter, The Incredible Hulk,Clash of the Titans) Now You See Me is a exhilarating movie experience that is full of twists and turns and you should leave the theater feeling well entertained.

The constant battle between the four horseman, the FBI and the added intrigue of Thaddeus Bradley’s role will keep you guessing through the entire film. The chemistry between the cast makes for some very enjoyable and witty comedic elements and there is a car chase that will appease even the most ardent action fans.

The film had all the potential to be a great Pop-Art movie but falls just short due to some of the scenes feeling crammed in and not thought through properly but in the end Now You See Me illustrates that you don’t need Aliens/Superheroes or massive CGI to make a good movie and as a result we give Now You See Me a solid 7 our of 10 palms.

Showing in Major Cineplex Samui now.


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