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Revival planned for Koh Tao in the wake of tourist murders

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Revival planned for Koh Tao in the wake of tourist murders | Samui Times

On the day of Hannah Witheridge’s funeral the Tourism Council of Thailand announced they are planning urgent measures to restore tourism to the island that has been badly damaged by her and David Millers death on September 15th.

According to the new president of the Tourism Council of Thailand, Lttirit Kinglake, the association will be asking the government and local administrative bodies to launch an intensive recovery campaign to rebuild tourism, the council wants to move quickly to rebuild the islands security image now that two suspects are in custody. The TCT will be asking airlines who operate flights to the area and hotels on the island to offer special packages to lure visitors back to the island that has seen tourism slump dramatically in recent weeks.

It has been reported that a local administrative office will be organizing teams of beach guards to take care of tourists and a grand event is being planned for Koh Tao. Already some authorities have launched their efforts through social media.

Lttirit said “These are immediate measures set to be done this month in a bid to rebuild tourism on the island. They key targets are Westerners and tourists from neighboring countries”.

The TCT is considering establishing a special team to run campaigns especially for Koh Tao.

It is also planning to revive tourism in Chiang Rai in the North, which was hit hard by an earthquake months ago.

The council also aims to launch attractive promotions to boost tourism in Bangkok during the peak season. Forward bookings at hotels in the capital have been slow because tourists feel wary of visiting the city while martial law has been prolonged.

“Tourists’ confidence can be rebuilt by providing information that the tourism business is running normally in Bangkok,” he said.

For long-haul markets, especially the United States and Europe, where people fear an Ebola outbreak, the TCT will seek a short-term marketing blitz to lure tourists to Thailand.

“Thailand is free of Ebola. This is the place that Western tourists should come to,” he said.

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