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Robbery, food blender accidents, road accidents, drugs busts and suicide in Pattaya

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Robbery, food blender accidents, road accidents, drugs busts and suicide in Pattaya | Samui Times
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In a weekend of disasters in Pattaya a motorcyclist was seriously injured early on Saturday morning after jumping a red light close to the Tepprasit Road.

On Saturday afternoon a female house owner was confronted by two armed men who forced her to hand over fifty thousand baht at knifepoint along with her valuables including a gold rink and necklace.

On Friday night a four year old lost four fingers and her thumb after putting her hand into a food blender, she was rushed to the hospital. Reports suggest that the child had been left unattended momentarily with the newly purchased blender.

In the early house of Saturday morning the son of a traffic police officer shot himself in the head after fighting with his son. The incident occurred at the “Kua Bunlort” convenience store on the Siam Country Club Road just before 2am.

At just before 4am on Sunday another convenience store in East Pattaya was held up by a man with a knife, staff were forced to hand over cash from the tills. The incident, that occurred at the 7 Eleven store on the corner of Soi Tungklom-Tanman and Sukhumvit Road, was court on CCTV. The robber entered the store wearing a helmet with the visor down.

On Sunday police arrested a husband and wife team for possession of a significant amount of class A drugs. The arrest came about after a tip off. 180 yabba tablets and 34.92g or crystal meth were taken during the haul.

And during the early hours of Sunday morning another husband and wife team were taken to hospital after falling off a wall during a romantic embrace at Pattaya port. Both sustained spinal injuries during the fall, it is thought they were both inebriated.

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