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The Roman Turkish Restaurant in Maenam

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The Roman Turkish Restaurant in Maenam | Samui Times
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Turkish cuisine can be described as a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuinses that has subsequently influenced its neighboring cuisines of Western Europe.

Popular ingredients in Turkish cuisine include lamb, beef, chicken, fish, eggplant, green peppers, garlic, onions, lentils, beans and tomatoes. Preferred spices and herbs include parsley, cumin, paprika, black pepper, mint, oregano, aRoman 2llspice and thyme.

Yoghurt is a very important element in Turkish cuisine and accompanies most meat dishes such as kebabs and kofte, vegetable dishes such as fried eggplant, courgette and meze.

Until four months ago there were no Turkish restaurants in Koh Samui however thanks to owner Aydin, manager Levent and chef Hasan, The Roman restaurant has now opened its doors and its kitchen to provide residents on the island a taste of Turkey in Maenam.

The Roman restaurant started its culinary journey in Turkey some fifteen years ago and for twelve years Chef Hasan used his talents to delight his guests. When Aydin and Laurent decided to bring the unique flavors, textures, aromas and tastes of Turkey to Samui Hasan joined them to add the magic he had been creating to his dishes in his homeland to those now being created here on the island.

Roman 3Although the Turkish dishes being created at Roman are very authentic, it is not what you would call a traditional Turkish Restaurant because the menu includes European, pizza, pasta and Thai dishes as well as the Turkish dishes.

In the heart of the village, Roman Restaurant is proving to be very popular with residents and visitors to the island. This fairly large venue is a fascinating combination of chic and rustic charm. Interesting artifacts, calming water features, low level Spanish and Turkish music and clever lighting all have their own part to play in the unique atmosphere. Photographs of prominent Turkish figures past and present and vibrant images of Turkey adorn the walls that transport you to a far away land. The large modern bar provides an excellent spot for pre and post dinner drinks, the outdoor terrace provides a chic place to chill out and watch the world go by and within the restaurant fans above every table keep you cool while your taste buds are tanalised by what is on the menu.

Roman 4So what is on the menu, well of course it starts with Cay –Tea and then Turkish coffee, that has been transported from Turkey by friends and relatives as it is not currently available anywhere within Asia. Alternatives to Turkish coffee include, cappuccino, espresso, filter coffee and Irish coffee. The rinks menu also contains soft drinks, fruit juices, beers, local and imported spirits, non alcoholic cocktails and vast range of international cocktails.

Getting onto the food menu, you will find Turkish and English breakfasts and soups. The impressive ranges of starters include a selection of 5 different kinds of appetizers in the Turkish Meze, Spring Rolls, Breaded Pan Cheese, Garlic Mushrooms, Garlic Bread, Fried or Gilled Squid and Shrimp Cocktail. You will also find a wide range of Omelets and Salads including a nice Turkish Shepherd Salad, French Fries, Hotdogs, Burgers, Sandwiches and Wraps.

The pasta section includes Spaghetti Bolognaise, Neapolitan, Carbonara, with Pasta with Shrimp and Pelmeni – Russian Ravioli. The Pizza menu contains all of your favorites as well as the house specialty of sausage, salami, mushroom, corn, olives and pepper.

Roman 5On the temping main course menu you will find Grilled Meatballs, Chicken or Lamb Shish Kebab, the heavenly Roman Mixed Grill, Grilled Chicken Breast, Turkish Stir Fried Lamb or Chicken, Ottoman Kebab, Testi Kebab, Beef Tenderloin Steak, Chicken or Pork Schnitzel, Grilled Fish, Grilled Shrimps and Shrimps with Roman Sauce.

If you are in the mood for Thai food or one of your guests is Thai then you could not fail to enjoy the authentically produced Tom Kha Gia, Tom Yam, Som Tam Poo Nim, Yam Mamuang or Thord Grathiem Phrik Thai,

Fried Banana or Pineapple with Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit Plate, Fried Ice Cream, Sticky Rice with Mango, Cheesecake, Ice Cream Scoops of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and coconut and a good old fashioned favorite Banana Split can all be found on the dessert Menu.

Roman 6Wednesday night is the Turkish Buffet night at Roman when a delightful spread of Turkish dishes ca enjoyed along with a belly dancing show at 8-30pm. Dishes typically on the menu include Spicy Tomato Acili Ezme, Garlic yoghurt Haydori, Eggplant with Tomato Sahsulia, Potato Salad, Fresh Beans with Olive Oil and Garlic Yoghurt, Beef and Chicken Testi Kebab, Bulgur Turkish Rice and Pita Bread. The buffet starts at 7pm and is well worth a visit.

Roman is a great addition to the Koh Samui Dining scene and with friendly staff, superb food, a nice atmosphere and very clean toilets as well as affordable prices it should without a doubt make its way onto your ‘must go’ list of places to eat no matter how long you plan on staying here.

Open times are 5pm until 12 every day other than Sunday.

For bookings call 077 310521

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