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Rosberg wins in Monaco

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Rosberg wins in Monaco | Samui Times
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Monte Carlo- Monaco- Nico Rosberg managed to secure his and Mercedes Benz GP’s first victory of the 2013 F1 championship in a incident filled race. Leading from start to finish the German was in control of the race from the start. Considering Mercedes GP’s struggles with tire degradation in the previous rounds the question on everyone’s mind was whether the silver arrows could hold of the Red Bulls for the entire race. What followed was most probably the most boring 30 laps of the season as all the cars fell into line and trying to manage tires while spacing themselves out as to not be affected by the dirty air of the car in front. This meant that Rosberg could drive to a lap time to preserve his tires and even the most ardent F1 fans may have felt the need to switch the channel or dose off for a Sunday nap.

Massa-ive Crash

Race fans were being assured by the TV commentators that everything was building up to the pit stops but this did not happen as Felipe Massa managed to crash his Scarlet Ferrari on the entrance to Sainte Devote for the second day running. This triggered the safety car and the Vettel’s Red Bull was the first to react followed by the 2 silver arrows, with Hamilton inexplicably falling further behind Rosberg and thus rejoining behind both Red Bulls in 4th.

Red Flag

After another rather boring session only spiced up by Sergio Perez’s brave(sometimes stupid) moves the 20 minute red flag was triggered when Pastor Maldonado’s Williams collided with Chilton’s Marrussia causing a piece of the safety barrier to get dislodged. This allowed all teams to change tires with all but Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen choosing to go with the red-band Super Softs.

Worthy Winner

All of this should have been enough to faze a driver but Nico Rosberg continued to lead at his own pace. There were great pieces of driving from Hamilton and Webber when the former tried a ambitious move through La Rascasse only to have the door shut by Aussie Grit. Sergio Perez made a nuisance of himself by first passing Button, followed by a ambitious move on Alonso(who had to cut the chicane to avoid him) before his luck finally run out when Raikkonen closed the door on him and both cars ending up damaged, Perez eventually retired with brake failure and Raikkonen in his calm manner suggested that someone should punch the Mexican in the face. Meanwhile comfortable in the lead Rosberg finished a perfect weekend for him and Mercedes by winning on the 30th anniversary of his fathers victory at Monaco.


Paul Di Resta managed to get himself in the points despite being knocked out in Q3 on Saturday and Kimi Raikkonen’s final 5 laps were also very special to keep him on target to beat Shumacher’s record for consecutive point finishes. In the end though a lights to flag victory cannot be ignored and Nico Rosberg takes our driver of the day title.


There was a few contenders for this race with Sergio Perez giving us most of the excitement for the race however his move on Raikkonen was just too ambitious, Grosjean proved again that he flatters to deceive and managed to mount a Torro Rosso but for us the Zero of the day goes to Pirrelli and Mercedes for tainting what should have been a wonderful maiden win by allegations of a secret test in Spain a fortnight ago.


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