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Ross Kemp and Bear Gryllis join the bid to fly Stuart Kyffin home from Samui after horrific bike accident.

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Ross Kemp and Bear Gryllis join the bid to fly Stuart Kyffin home from Samui after horrific bike accident. | Samui Times
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UK TV hardmen Ross Kemp and Bear Gryllis have joined the bid to take SAS hero Stuart Kyffin home the UK after he suffered catastrophic head injuries in a motorbike accident on Koh Samui. The pair who have backed the campaign joined a host of starts and military legends to try to raise the cash needed to repatriate the elite sniper who lies in a coma after the accident.

The doctors in Koh Samui have warned Stuart’s family that he may only have weeks to live and keeping him alive in Koh Samui hospital is costing around seven hundred pounds a day. The cost of the medical evacuation will cost around one hundred thousand pounds.

Stuart’s brother David, 46, who served in the Royal Anglian Regiment said : “It’s been devastating to see Stu lying there completely helpless but it’s been such a great boost to see the amazing support given by so many of his mates from the army and from people that don’t even know him.

Ross kemp 1“I am so grateful to everyone who’s pitched in and I know how much Stu would want to thank everybody if he could speak.

“I speak for him, and for all of our family, when I say we can never repay the generosity of everybody who’s given so much for Stu.”

TV’s Ross Kemp encouraged his facebook followers to back the campaign and former

SAS man Bear Grylls re-tweeted the Mirror-led campaign, asking Twitter followers to donate.

Grylls, 35, who hosts his Born Survivor TV show – said: “This ex-SAS soldier fought for his country and now he needs us to fight for him. He needs our help.”

Ross kemp added: “Stuart is a true hero who has done so much in defending this country.

“When we needed him, – he was there without question. Now he needs help. Please make a donation so we can bring him home.”

Colonel Richard Kemp – who served with Stuart in the Royal Anglian Regiment – praised Mirror readers for contributing to the fund to bring Stuart home.

Ross KempHe said: “In rallying to help Stu the Royal Anglians and SAS have shown that the soldier’s iron rule “No man left behind” applies in peace time as on the battlefield.

“It is incredibly moving to see Stu’s old friends do so much to help him and his family, as well as some of his regimental comrades who have never even met him but wear the same capbadge.

“This is the great strength of the British regimental system, so greatly respected and feared on the battlefield.

“Mirror readers in particular have been brilliant, and their contribution has given a massive boost for the fund to bring him home.

“Please keep giving for Stu as he gave so much for the rest of us.”
Ex-SAS Colonel Tim Collins said: “Stuart was always there for his country and now he needs our help. It is truly heart-warming to see how people are supporting him but we must keep the momentum going.”

StuThe SAS Regimental Association, the Royal Anglian Regimental Association, the Army Benevolent Fund and his civilian employers, Pilgrims Group have raised £27,000 to help the family.

As well as his brother David, Stuart’s father Stephen, 76, an ex-soldier who served in Malaya, has also been at Stuart’s bedside in Thailand.

Throughout his army career Liverpool-born Stuart was a champion boxer, runner and one of the crack SAS unit’s expert rock climbers.

He has a Thai girlfriend called Jiraa, 40, with whom he has a three year-old daughter Kyraa.
He has an ex-wife Christina, 42, who has donated a substantial sum to help him and a son Danny, in his 20s and a teenage daughter Kimberley, who has a three-month-old baby.

Last night former SAS Warrant Officer Class 1 Robert Henry Craft said: “This soldier has a very good reputation as an extremely professional member of the Armed Forces.

“He has served to make the world a much safer place for so many people and he needs some help. It is good to see so much support but we need to keep it going.”

Gulf War 1 hero Andy McNab said: “Stu was a brilliant soldier who fought for his country.

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to this good soldier, loving husband and father who now needs our help.”
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