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Samui Ex-pats head to Hong Kong for the football

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Samui Ex-pats head to Hong Kong for the football | Samui Times
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Our roving reporter caught up with a few Samui based ex pats who have decided to take advantage of their respective football teams playing in Hong Kong. He met up with John and Tina from the Premier Sports Bar and Peter Morgan an ex-pat living in Koh Samui. Here is part of the interview.

Peter why are you here in Hong Kong?

I saw a great opportunity for me to see the sights and attractions of this historic place and an ideal opportunity to catch a glimpse of my beloved team Tottenham Hotspurs

How long are you going to be staying here in Hong Kong and what else do you want to achieve whilst here?

Well to be quite honest my main reason for being here is to be in close proximity to Spurs and see their routine on a daily basis. I have obtained tickets for both games on Wednesday and Saturday, I also brought along a spurs shirt that I hope to get signed by the players, and it’s my intention that I will donate it to a charity event at some point in the future.
I’m also looking forward to the crack with others like myself who don’t have a lot of opportunity to see Spurs live when you live in Thailand. I have checked on fans forums and we are all heading to a bar called Delaneys . It should be fun as there is a bar almost opposite called Maya bar where the Man City’s fans are to gather.

Do you expect any bother between the different supporters as Man City Sunderland are here also?

Absolutely not, we have all been mustering about together and the banter is great. These far away days attract the more mature types who enjoy a beer and football talk, in fact I met John from Bangrak and he’s a big City fan, he is quite happy coming into the Delaney bar and has a Spurs pal with him who is Hong Kong based, but visits Samui infrequently .

It must be very expensive to follow your team this far.

Ahh well… the air fare via air Asia was not too bad in fairness, but, when you get here, that’s a different matter. I was quite surprised how expensive Hong Kong has become since my last visit many years ago. A beer is running at about 240 baht a bottle, you certainly feel that after paying 80 baht, John has more money than Rothschild and he hasn’t stopped crying about the prices ha ha!

What sights are you going to fit in while you are here?

There’s the 2 football matches, which I’d like to say the tickets allow you into 2 games each day, so really you watch 4 matches if you can stay out of the pub that long. I want to go over to Kowloon and watch the light show on the water front tonight and I’ve already taken the open top bus trip around the islands historical landmarks.

And how was that, for any other interested travelers reading this?

Rather cold and wet. Not long into the trip the heavens opened and there I was in a T-shirt, other than that it was quite interesting. Fortunately it was only a shower and didn’t last too long.

So what’s on your agenda today then?

A well I’m heading over to Delaney bar to meet up with John and a bunch of other football nuts, have a bit of lunch and maybe a pint or two, them we are making our way to the stadium for the games.

Ok you enjoy your day I am off to catch up with john and his wife Tina.

Hi John, how are you enjoying your break here in Hong Kong and where is Tina?

Tina hates football and as this is the build up to tonight’s first game, so wifey has gone off doing what women do best!

What’s that then?

Shopping and spending money!

Thank goodness you said that, I was a little worried what the answer was going to be!

Tina knows that football is a big part of who and what I am. She usually leaves me to it, but as Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise there was no way she would stay home and miss all that walking around shopping malls day and night.

 I asked Peter about the cost of following your team, it’s expensive isn’t it.

Yeah it sure is, we got to Hong Kong relatively cheaply, we used our flyer points from Samui to Bangkok so that was only about 750 baht each way each , then air Asia Don Muang return was half the price Bangkok Air charge for Samui Bangkok returns, so the flight prices were not that bad really.

But you are finding Hong Kong Expensive?

Yes, very much so, I can’t believe how expensive everything has become. 4 years ago it was nowhere near this expensive. I blew £400 last night and I don’t normally spend that all month on Samui.

And what does one get for £400 around here?

Only a steak dinner for me and the wife washed down with a bottle of Lauren Perrier rose

So, I see the champagne lifestyle suites you!

We are on holiday and I wanted to get in close with the footballers from Man city, so we booked a meal at their hotel and from the restaurant retired to the Bar. It worked a treat, we ended up sitting next to Kolarov, Dzeko, and Jelovic from Man City and Kyle Walker and Dawson from Spurs were sitting opposite us!

That must have been quite a nice experience

Tina thought so, she kept asking who Kyle walker was commenting on how good looking he is, I’m only kidding but she was quite smitten. I got a photo with the city players and got them to sign a shirt.

And they didn’t mind you asking?

They didn’t seem to mind as I only pestered them for a few minutes and let then carry on with what they were doing, ie messing with their iPhones on Facebook

They were all on Facebook?

Yeah for over an hour the 3 of them had their heads buried in their phones and only looked up to show each other photos

SO what are your plans for today?

I’m going to get a copious amount of ale down my throat and go and buy a jacket to keep warm

Ok, John, thanks for chatting, enjoy your football with Peter and don’t get too drunk!


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