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Samui Expat’s Orgonites May Offer A Multitude Of Benefits




Samui Expat’s Orgonites May Offer A Multitude Of Benefits | Samui Times
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Cuban-born Donna Reiss moved to Thailand over 10 years ago to retire and is the creative force behind Samui Art Bins. Upon taking a break from hosting painting classes in her beachside home, she has begun to make beautiful orgonites. These beautiful pieces are much more than art, as they are thought to give off orgone energy-which is similar to what the ancients have called Prana, Chi or Universal Energy.

Samui Expat's Orgonites May Offer A Multitude Of Benefits | News by Samui Times

An orgonite is created by meticulously layering organic and inorganic materials that harness vibrant life force energies, and with amplification, a positive sensation can be felt. Encased within the resin shapes are pieces of various metals and beautiful crystals that combined create a high-frequency output and filter to remove negative frequencies.

Each of Reiss’ pieces is made with the intention that it will attract the right person or animal that can benefit from it most. She has practised Reiki for many years and infuses this positive energy into each piece together with love and care.

“I have been on a long and rewarding journey of self-healing and personal development and I believe that an orgonite is a very effective tool that aids us in our spiritual and emotional development. The energy is a great protector from wifi and radio waves, and when Samui has 5G, it will protect us and our homes from these rays too,” said Reiss.

Samui Expat's Orgonites May Offer A Multitude Of Benefits | News by Samui Times

An orgonite is easy to use: first, it should be cleared and charged. Then, place the pyramid or sphere in direct sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes or bathe it in healing sounds, such as sound bells or classical music. Next, tune into your orgonite by placing it close to your heart and mindfully connecting to it. Last, set an intention and align it with the best and highest intention that will cause no harm to others.

The crystals help to create a harmonic space and allow breathing space while meditating, resting with more ease and being able to relax, knowing that the home space is a healthier environment. And it’s not just humans who can reap the benefits; cats, dogs and other pets are also drawn to the power of the orgonite.

Susan Field, an owner of several of Reiss’ orgonites said, “I must admit that I was skeptical all about the power of orgonites when I first heard of them. So I bought some for me, my partner and my dogs. Aside from being beautiful objects to own, they have, I have noticed, a calming effect and good energy in the house. I definitely believed more in their power when my partner’s toothache disappeared after two days without any treatment. I definitely recommend having one in your home, office or garden.”

Reiss says to visit her site: if you are interested in purchasing one of her orgonites.

Author: Kitty Loveday

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