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Samui Expat Launches a different kind of news: positive, optimistic and inspiring news

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Samui Expat Launches a different kind of news: positive, optimistic and inspiring news | Samui Times
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Bored of negative news in the press the world over one man decided it was time to take action and has launched a new website and Facebook page to bring good news to the masses. He says –

“Aren’t you sick of all the bad news stories on mainstream media?” Koh Samui expat Khun Steven said, “I sure am.” Many people may think about that, so he did something about it. He created an answer to that tragic news; it’s called “Up Beat” and is now online at as well as at
“Up Beat” is a different kind of news, which highlights positive, optimistic, and inspiring news. “People need an alternative to all the depressing, fear-based, propaganda which make the world seem like a terrible place, when in fact, there’s lots of real, good news out there,” said Khun Steven, the founder of “Up Beat.”

“It’s funny,” Steven recounts, “When people first hear about ’Up Beat’s positive news concept, I get one of two responses – most say ‘Great idea!’ But some people say ‘What good news?’ The problem is everyone has been inundated by ‘bad news’ for so long, they’re pre-programmed to think that’s the way the world is, or that there’s nothing good happening – which is simply not true. Mainstream media is like very narrowly focused microscope on some relatively small part of the world, blowing it way out of proportion. Unfortunately it’s always pointed at the worst place in the world, wherever something bad is happening. Those publishers often sensationalize, exaggerate in order to promote fear. This causes unnecessarily stress, worry and depression. People need a broader perspective: the vast majority of the world is peaceful and happy! Sure lots of people died today, but many more than that were born today. Bad things do happen, but mostly, many good things happen too, yet they go unreported or are taken for granted.”

So Khun Steven started a website that features stories about real people, doing wonderful things. To supplement that, he also recently launched a Facebook page to offer more frequent updates, inspiring messages, and links to positive articles on other sites.

“Many people are craving good news — everyone I know is sick of those tragic, terrible, fear-based stories,” said Steven. So, now folks will have a choice. They can read and watch the usual horror, or they can be treated to a rare display of positive real, and inspiring Up Beat news.
UpBeat welcomes good news stories from the general public, wherever they may be happening in the world. Please contact UpBeat via their website at or simply post your story to UpBeat’s Facebook page at

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