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The Samui Gaming Lounge – the hangout with something for everybody

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The Samui Gaming Lounge – the hangout with something for everybody | Samui Times
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Although Samui is known for its sun, sea and beaches there are times when beach life is not so appealing, some days it is simply too hot to think about the beach and during the rains the beach is the last place you want to be. One great place to be when it is too hot or too wet for normal activities is the Samui Gaming Lounge.

samui gaming loungeThe Samui Gaming Lounge can be found on a nice terrace at the end of the one way system on Chaweng beach road, this location offers easy parking for bikes around the square and for cars in the large car park behind the police station. The gaming lounge itself has full air-conditioning that offers cooling relief from the hot Samui sun. Inside you will find a bar area where cool beers, smoothies, soft drinks and some of the best cocktails on the island are being served. The Gaming Lounge has comfortable seating and huge flat panel LED screens, up to the minute technology, up to the minute games, Nintendo Wii U, Play Station 4, Xbox 1, 2 fiber optic modems that offers 30 megabits per second and Apple TV. Each station has headphones, a coffee table, sofas and table service and if you want to game against your friends the stations can be linked up.

Of course it is not just gaming that goes on here, the screens and link up can be used to enjoy videos, YouTube, Skype, internet and just about anything else you enjoy doing on line. This is a great drop off point for kids who do not want to join you in a spot of shopping at the Chaweng walking street market just behind samui american grillthe gaming lounge and offers enough entertainment to keep kids from 8 years told to 99 years old for as long as you want some free time.

If you are new to gaming it certainly does not mean that you cannot enjoy a few hours away from the real world enjoying gaming fantasy, owner Leon and his assistants Tony and Golf are ultra friendly and always on hand to show rooky gamers the ropes.

As well as games, fun, entertainment and refreshments the gaming lounge has full table service on some of the dishes being served up in the outdoor Samui American Grill that also has ample seating and is a really cool place to chill out and watch the world go by from 5pm when it opens. Here, as well as indoors you can enjoy cold drinks and indulge in Leon’s incredible homemade burgers that have handmade Australian beef patties along with American cheeses and herbs and if you fancy it delicious bacon, but beware so many of the island residents have already become addicted to these fabulous burgers Leon has started a takeout service.

samui gaming lounge 4The dining options start with a fabulous 75 gram cheese burger or American cheese burger, for those with a larger appetite try the 150 gram American Back Cheese burger or even the 200g version, the 150 gram Bacon Nacho Cheese Burger is firm island favorite closely followed with the sumptuous Chicken burger with or without bacon. If you are not a burger fan the salads will impress just as well, choose from Chicken or Tuna that both come with or without bacon depending on your preference, or a simply a bacon salad. Some fresh chicken and tuna sandwiches are also on offer. Great dishes to share with friends or munch on while gaming include Nachos, Bacon Nachos, Bacon Nachos with Jalapeno peppers, Bacon wrapped German style hog and the Bacon wrapped German stile hog with Nacho cheese or cream, French fries with or without bacon, nacho cheese and jalapeno peppers of course which also come as optional extras on every single dish. It is also worth keeping your eye on the specials board that offers deals on food, drinks and Shisha pipes of which there are many flavors to choose from.
The Samui Gaming Lounge is an anything goes kind of place and with its great sound system often plays host to a bit of an impromptu jamming session for local artists and is also host to the odd gaming tournament details of which can be found on the Facebook page that you can access by clicking here. With up to the second technology, great American food, some of the best cocktails to be found anywhere on the island, whether you find them on the menu or not, German beers, local and imported beers, great music, a great outdoor café area, a takeout service, really friendly owner, staff and customers there is no doubt that the SamuI Gaming Lounge and American Grill is a great place to spend some time come rain or shine.

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