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Samui residents get increasingly frustrated with the garbage situation

Samui Times Editor



Samui residents get increasingly frustrated with the garbage situation | Samui Times
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Many residents in Koh Samui are getting increasingly fed up with garbage being left around the island. One angry resident wrote to the Samui Times today saying “I write this out of frustration about the big mess in our soi (soi rubbish 1sundays opposite talaad Bophut). Two weeks ago I again collect myself some of the biggest bags full of garbage, on the pictures you can see the result after two weeks. These are only three pictures I took but if you look in the small river (which leads to the sea) on the right side you will see a complete garbarubbish 2ge belt. Why is nothing done about this, for example no more free plastic bags at the supermarkets and convenience stores (Makro is doing a good job), the placement of garbage containers and dustbins. I know nothing will happen so next week I go collect some garbage again. I simply don’t understand how Thai people can live in a place (Samui) which looks like a garbage belt. This is not only what i see but also what all the thousands of tourists which visit Thailand see.”

Another today informed us that many of the green government rubbish bins around the island appear to have disappeared especially in the area between Maenam and Nathon. Yesterday a frustrated resident sent us many photographs of the landfill site near the prison and another is gravely concerned about the amount of rubbish finding its way into the sea.

rubbish 3While the local government seems to be doing little to rectify the garbage situation some residents are taking matters into their own hands to clean up the mess. The Samui Times are making inquiries to try to establish what is going on with the islands waste systems.



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