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Samui Speedboat Madness

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Samui Speedboat Madness | Samui Times
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Reports have come in to the Samui Times that tourist excursion speedboats based at the Lompraya jetty near Wat Napalarn in Maenam have recently started a dangerous daily activity in the Maenam beach area which is putting the lives of local swimmers at risk.

speedboats 1As the pictures sent to us show, speedboat drivers are now regularly cruising at speed along the beach-line in Maenam less than 10 metres from the shore, putting the lives of anyone in the water at serious risk.

One local resident told the Samui Times “It is bad enough having jet-ski drivers speeding around and risking the lives of anyone swimming around less than 50 metres from the shore-line, but to have these speedboats speedboatscoming so close to a public beach which is regularly used by adult and child swimmers is a different ball-game all together, and can often be seen cruising less than 10 metres from the shore… completely unacceptable.”

“The drivers of these boats have a very limited view of the area ahead, making it almost impossible to see swimmers in their path. it is obvious that if this kind of behaviour is not stopped immediately, then it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.”

The pictures included in this article, along with the original video, will be given to local police… let us hope that they will do something about this… and quickly!

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