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Samui – the only Primal Imprints outlet in Asia

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Samui – the only Primal Imprints outlet in Asia | Samui Times
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If you have always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo but you are not sure that you want something permanent, that you may fall out of love with down the line, then Primal Imprints have an alternative for you.

Primal Imprints gives you the opportunity to enjoy temporary body art with their incredible range of airbrushed tattoos. The company has been running successfully in Australia for over ten years and island residents Bob and Joumm, by taking a franchise of the company, have brought this unique opportunity to Koh Samui.

Unlike Henna tattoos that are also temporary, Primal Imprints tattoos come in every colour of the rainbow. The tattoos are non-toxic, waterproof and will last between one and seven days depending on how well you look after them, and which part of your body they are on. The tattoos can be removed with a little bit of scrubbing with hot water and soap, or can be taken off with alcohol based products.

You can have a temporary tattoo just about anywhere on your body, although creased areas such as your wrist and hairy areas are less effective than flat, hairless parts. There are over five hundred unique designs to choose from in various styles such as tribal, feminine and pretty, floral, animal prints, sporting themes and lettering with three fonts to choose from. If you would like to have your own design, or perhaps a company logo for a party, then with a bit of notice Bob and Joumm can do that too.

The tattoos take between one and five minutes to apply and are available at Chaweng walking street, near the beach road, from 5pm until 11pm every night except Fridays. They also have a booth at Sugar Bar in Soi Green Mango daily from 8pm until 3am. The cost of a temporary tattoo is between one hundred and five hundred baht and if you want to liven up your party your party then having your own staffed booth is a great way to pull in the crowds!

Bob and Joumm are hoping to open new outlets around the island so if you have space in your shop or venue for a small table and chair, or you would like to train to become a temporary tattoo artist yourself then give Bob a call on 0803012720 or visit their Facebook Page

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