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The Samui Times Juicy Weight Loss Challenge food diaries

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The Samui Times Juicy Weight Loss Challenge food diaries | Samui Times
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On Thursday 17th of October the Samui Times Juicy weight loss challenge contestants got together to discuses the food diaries they had been asked to keep for three days. It was very important for the contestants to be honest about what they ate so that weight loss expert Anzehla can work out a food plan for each contestant to use after they have taken part in the weight loss challenge to continue to lose weight and maintain their ideal wight. Here is what our contestants ate prior to the challenge.

Contestant A

juiy T-boneMonday 2 x 3 in 1 coffee, 2 slice of Brown toast – 1 tablespoon champagne pate
Bacon and tomato sandwich – (brown bread, 2 rasher bacon, fried tomato) 1 can Ginger ale, T-bone steak, mixed salad, Potato salad, fried onions & red cabbage, 4 Glass red wine, 500ml bottle of water

Tuesday 3 in 1 coffee, ¼ mango, 125ml Bio Yoghurt, 1 table spoon Muesli, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 Gatorade, slice brown toast with 1 tablespoon Danish blue cheese, 3 bottles Change beer, 2 Jim Beam & Coke, – Sausage Roll, Chips & Beans, 1 slice white bread (NO BUTTER) 1 glass red wine, 1000ml bottle of water

Wednesday 1 x in 1 coffee, 2 slice brown toast with ½ tin baked beans, Tuna salad sandwich, 2 glass red wine, 2 x can cider, 1 bowl Lamb Goulash 1 slice brown bread, 500ml bottle of water

Contestant B

juicy chocolateMonday 8 x coffee with full fat milk and low cal sugar, pan au chocolate, French bread with tuna, glass of water, 2 apples, large bar of chocolate, glass of Ribina.

Tuesday 3 x coffee, 10 halls sweets, glass of Ribina, mixed meat ravioli in tomato sauce with grated cheese, glass of water, hot chocolate with squirty cream, 1 scoop of ice cream, 2 diet cokes, ½ pate of nachos, ½ heart attack burger, 2 cookies.

Wednesday 9 x coffee, 2 apples, 1 chocolate cookie, 16 squares of chocolate, 2 eggs scrambled with a knob of butter and smoked salmon, ½ a small pizza, 1 orange, 2 x diet coke.


Contestant C

juicy papaya saladMonday  3 In 1 Coffee, Scrambled egg with ham och onion, two toast and one yoghurt, rice and seafood salad, fried tuna spicy vegetables, Mama noodles with egg

Tuesday 3 In 1 Coffee, Scrambled egg with ham and onion, 2 x toast and one yoghurt, Papaya salad, Tuna salad

Wednesday  Chocolate cereal with soymilk, 1 yoghurt and 3 in 1 Coffee, Papaya salad and chicken and sticky rice, 2 slices pizza company Hawaiian Pizza and 4 BBQ wings

Contestant D

juicy oatsMonday Glass of water and a banana, bowl of oats with sugar and salt, two slices of wholemeal bread with salami and emanthal cheese, 3 in 1 coffee, KFC twister wrap, water, mine pork and vegetable soup, cup of tea, handful of marinated olives and pear vodka, gazpacho, 2 x small lamb chops, red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, mash potatoes and Greek yoghurt.

Tuesday Bowl of oats, 2 x wholemeal toast with butter and cheese, pineapple slices, 1 x 3 in 1 coffee, rice, braised pork and mushroom stew, mined pork omelet, cabbage and pork, pomelo, water, olives, tea, fried rice with braised pork and mushroom, pineapple slices and water

Wednesday Bowl of oats, two slices of wholemeal toast with butter and cheese, 1 x 3 in 1 coffee, chicken glass noodle soup, water, blueberry yoghurt and banana, toasted bacon and cheese sandwich, pomelo, tea, fish bake tray with salmon, prawns, baby corn, red peppers, lime, white wine

Contestant E

juicy juiceMonday 2 x coffee, 1/2 a small pineapple, Bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, asparagus, 2 toast, 1 x fresh coconut juice, One 500 ml cider, Bread crumbed pork, black rice, cucumber salad

Tuesday 2 x Coffee, 1 Mango, ½ Pineapple, 1 Apple, 1 Kiwifruit, 1 Coffee, 1 fresh coconut juice, One 500 ml cider, Soup Noodle with rice noodle, veggies and pork

Wednesday 1 x Coffee, 1 Coffee, 1 fresh coconut juice, 1 juice, Carrot-pineapple-beetroot-ginger juice, 1 salad with peanut sauce, 1 toast, 1 rice bread toast


Contestant F

juicy fried riceMonday 3 x coffees with soy milk between, fried rice with chicken, 4 soda waters, rice with chicken, roast dinner

Tuesday 3 x coffees with soy milk between, fried rice with chicken, 4 soda waters, rice with chicken, salad, popcorn,

Wednesday 3 xcoffees with soy milk between, fried rice with chicken, 4 soda waters, rice with chicken, taco shells, seasoned beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese, sour cream

Once everybody had shared their food diaries Anzehla got all of the contestants talking about their food habits and everybody really enjoyed sharing and listening, all of the contestants found this really intereting and are all very exicited abotu their weight loss journey. They all discussed how little everyone eat fresh fruits and vegetables even though there is such an abundance of it in Samui and how that deprives the body of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. How they eat wrong combinations of foods like meat and potatoes or bread and cheese or fruit after meal or coffee first thing in the morning and how they consume foods at the wrong time and that all results in indigestion, fermentation and putrefaction in the stomach that produces restless nights, feeling hungover(after bad meal) in the morning and cravings and hunger.

Anzhela provided all of the contestants with this information to help them eat better from now on.

Dietary guidelines and principles

How our body functions and how to eat right for the best digestion, assimilation, elimination and as a result: weight loss

Natural body cycles:

Respect these cycles to achieve ultimate health and shed unwanted fat

Noon to 8 P.M.—APPROPRIATION (eating and digestion)

8 P.M. to 4 A.M.—ASSIMIIATION (absorption and use)

4 A.M. to noon—ELIMINATION (of body wastes and food debris)

CYCLE 1—ELIMINATION (4 A.M.-NOON): It is most beneficial for fruit or fruit and vegetable juice to be the only food consumed during the elimination cycle if you consume anything at all. Anything else halts the elimination process, and the by-products of foods that should have been eliminated are now added to your toxic load and to the unwanted pounds in your body. Successful and comfortable weight loss is dependent on the efficiency of the elimination cycle. By sabotaging this cycle you sabotage your success, having only fruit or fruit and vegetable juice exclusively before noon is the single most important facet, (even if you continue to drink coffee or take supplements don’t do it during the elimination cycle, do it after noon, this is essential.

CYCLE 2—APPROPRIATION (NOON-8 P.M.): After twelve o’clock we enter the daily eating period. If you are hungry, this is the time to eat, but there are some important rules to observe here. Remember that digestion takes more energy than anything else you do. You want to eat a meal that will not deplete your energy supply, even though it will demand some digestive energy. That means adhering to the principle of proper food combining so that a minimum of digestive energy is depleted to break down that meal.

CYCLE 3—ASSIMILATION (8 P.M.-4 A.M.): You have taken in the food. Now it is time to give your body a chance to extract, absorb, and utilize the nutrients in that food. No absorption can take place until the food has entered the intestines. A properly combined meal will be out of the stomach in approximately three hours and ready to be absorbed and assimilated. An improperly combined meal can remain in the stomach anywhere from eight to twelve hours or longer. Eat early enough so that food has left your stomach before you retire. A full night’s rest (beginning well before midnight as often as possible) will permit your body to complete the assimilation cycle before it again enters the elimination phase around 4 A.M.

Tropical FruitsHow long to wait before eating fruit after a meal

Fruits are very important for health and weight loss but you need to eat them according to some rules that are based on the digestive time and different digestive juices.

Ideally you eat fruit on an empty stomach, but you if you eat fruit after meals then wait after your lunch or dinner if you want to avoid digestive and assimilation problems.

Salad or raw vegetables: 2 hours

Properly combined meal, without flesh: 3 hours

Properly combined meal, with flesh: 4 hours

Any improperly combined meal: 8 hours


1. Start your day with FRESH fruit or fruit, vegetable juice as much as you desire (don’t mix juices with solid food, wait about 20 minutes after juice to eat solid food).

Recommended quantity: eight to fourteen ounces of juice in one sitting.

2. Throughout the morning have pieces of fruit as you feel hungry.

3. Have a minimum of two servings of fruit in any three-hour period.

4. Your maximum fruit intake should be governed by your needs. Have as much as you desire. Do not undereat or overeat fruit!

5. Eat melons before other fruit.

6. Eat bananas when you are particularly hungry and are craving heavier food.

Energy ladder(foods that are higher require less energy to digest and give you the most energy):

The higher your food on the energy ladder the more energy you will get out of it and the less energy it will take to digest.






General guidelines:

juicingEach of your meal for proper digestion and assimilation should be 70% or higher in water rich foods (raw fruits and vegetables, greens, lightly steamed vegetables).

Combine your food well(see food combining chart).

Use fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible. Use frozen (without sugar or sauces) when fresh are not available. You may have fruit, if you are hungry, three hours after lunch.You may have fruit, if you are hungry, three hours after dinner.

Use dressings, condiments, and seasonings without chemical additives and preservatives, sugar, or MSG. These only add toxins to your body.

Avoid vinegar in salad dressings. It is a ferment that suspends salivary digestion and retards the digestion of starches. Substitute lemon juice for vinegar.

Use only whole-grain breads (better not at all) or instead of bread use no-grain raw vegan crackers and breads.

Eat as much not processed and not packed food as possible: meaning if you cook or eat out, ingredients should look on your plate as they look in nature (can be chopped etc. but they should be recognizable).

Example: meat should not be processed into burger or eat whole grains instead of pasta, eat rice instead of rice noodles.

Don’t eat something packed if you can’t recognize all the ingredients on the pack (especially if you can’t even read them).

Eat as much as you can fresh fruit and vegetables. Have something fresh with each meal (salad for example) and fresh snacks between meals(some fruits or nuts).

Eat most of your calories earlier in the day. The last dinner should be the lightest.

Eat smaller meals with snacks in between.

Hydrate yourself. Drink ½ L of water upon waking or 1 L. Drink before meals a glass of water (but not during meals or after meals).

Eat healthy snacks instead of junk desserts. Example: some fresh fruits, dried fruits or nuts (not together), some granola bars. And have them always with you in case you get hungry on the road etc.

Check out the website for some raw chocolate bars, granola bars etc.

Eliminate almost all condiments where possible: no oils, no ketchups, no mayonnaise. Herbs and spices are better, as little salt as possible too. And pink salt is better:

Don’t overeat!


So armed with their new found knowlege the contestants are now preparing to battle the bulge and battle for the first prize of a personal trainer for one whole month for free!

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