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Samui Times readers says – Don’t let foreigners give Thailand a bad name

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Samui Times readers says – Don’t let foreigners give Thailand a bad name | Samui Times
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I was so upset when I watched the bag snatch video in Lamai last week, I myself have had my bag snatched, not in Thailand but in Paris and I know how irritating it is. It is not even really the money, or the hassle of cancelling credit cards, even when your phone went with your bag, it is the little things that any woman will tell you that she keeps in her bag, the odd photo, the mirror your child brought for you when he was twelve, the keep sakes, the business cards and the phone numbers. Of course this becomes far worse if you are on holiday and your passport is in the bag, your credit card that you can’t replace and you still have to pay your hotel bill.

crime thailandI was so overjoyed to discover these rotten dirty scum bags from Albania were apprehended and even though I am not sure if the poor lady got her bag back it is so good to know that those scoundrels will pay in some way for their heinous crime.
Then today we read about some Russian tourists are now scamming decent honest Thai people out of their businesses by stealing their motorbikes by providing false identification. I mean just how victimized do these people feel, not only do they not have the bike anymore they more than likely had it on credit in the first place and will still have to pay back the loan with no bike to bring in the income to do so. This makes me want to weap.

As a frequent visitor to Koh Samui and a woman travelling alone one of the major pulls for me is how safe I feel in Koh Samui, in all of the years coming here I have always felt safe. This is a single woman friendly place to be and is so free of street crime and this to me is a major part of the islands charm. Many Thai people do not have a lot of money, and goodness knows how hard it must have been for them to watch the affluent influx of westerners over the years, and of course I have heard all the stories about foreigners paying a bit more for things and I know some people have been ripped off in business and the like but on the whole Samui folk have always been caring and kind and they are not petty thieves who victimize people.

What scares me now is that superb reputation is being soiled and not by Thai’s by dirty rotten scumbags from other parts of the world, and if we allow this to continue then Samui will become like every other dodgy place where those who do visit never stray too far from their hotel room and that would be tragic.

I don’t know what we can do to ensure these criminals from overseas face the largest penalty possible for coming here and abusing the hospitality of this country but I hope that somehow, some way somebody in authority makes an example out of these two cases and sends a message to that sort of person that this is not a place where you will get away with it. If I had my way they would be stoned in public!

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