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Samui Times Samui Road Safety Campaign | Samui Times
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The second meeting of the Samui Times Samui Road Safety Campaign will be at 2pm on Saturday the 2nd of August at the Café Tale. Café Tale is opposite the Chinese Temple on the Maenam walking street on the beach. Everybody is welcome to attend.

To find out about our first meeting click here. For more information or directions to the venue please call Su. On 0810910107

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Notes for Tourists

If you are new to driving in Koh Samui please note that

In Koh Samui you are permitted to turn left at a red traffic light if it is safe to do so.

The flashing of headlights does not always mean the driver of the car is giving way, it often means the opposite, IE get out of my way I am coming through.

Bikes indicating are not always intending to turn, many bike indicators are left on accidentally.

Many Thai drivers who are indicating to turn right or left will actually pull over to the opposite side of the road to which they are indicating and then wait until the road is clear for them to make the turn.

Very few people know how to use the roundabout in Chaweng so do not assume drivers will give way appropriately.

Please be aware that dogs often run out in front of oncoming traffic and that sand on the roads makes them very slippery.

Please drive carefully, expect the unexpected and if you are on a bike wear a helmet. Fatalities from motorbike accidents are a frequent occurrence in Koh Samui.
We are very interested in collating statistics on road accidents in Koh Samui, if you see an accident please drop us a line with a photograph if possible with the time, location and nature of the accident to
Samui Road Safety

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