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Samui Times v SuperPro Samui – we are lOVING it

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Samui Times v SuperPro Samui – we are lOVING it | Samui Times
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In January a group of unfit over 40’s decided to challenge SuperPro Samui to get us fit and back in shape.

Now in our second month of being put through our paces three times a week at the SuperPro Crossfit gym with Lidor I am happy to report that not only are we getting fitter, we are happier, healthier and getting more out of life.

Having originally had about 30 responses to our invite to join our team about half of that number arrived on day 1. Now we are a small but dedicated team of around 9.

sp v st1Personally I am blown away but how much fun we are having, how much the training has made a difference to my life and how much better I feel after such a short space of time.

On day one we turned up wondering what on earth to expect and to be honest even after the warm up stretches and rotations I was thinking I would not get through the first ten minutes. But the group, also in the same boat, also rather pensive gave each other so much encouragement and Lidor, who somehow memorized our names in seconds made us feel so comfortable and welcome and cleverly noted our individual levels of fitness (or lack of) and our many weaknesses from bad knees to bad elbows to dodgy legs and feet and totally tailor made the experience for all of us. I really enjoyed the class and knew it was something I wanted to do again. There were not complicated bits of equipment to wrangle and we all discovered that the road back to getting in shape could be fun. I have to admit that I woke up the next day feeling like somebody had broken my legs and hobbled around like an old woman. However by our second session I was raring to go. With expert tuition from Lidor we all learned how to lift bars, weights, bell weights and medicine balls and over the next two months I found I could squat, life decent size weights, flip over tractor tyres and even run, something I had not done for over twenty years.

sp v st 3While the road to getting really fit is endless I have already lost weight, increased my stamina, got better muscle tone and once arduous household chores are now easy. I feel healthier and a lot happier and have met some truly fantastic new friends. My self-confidence has increased and my stress levels have dropped considerably and miraculously so has my blood pressure.

I did not expect this challenge to have such a profound effect on my life and thanks to Lidor and all his encouragement and hard work, care, consideration and expert coaching getting back in shape is now inevitable rather than something that one day I would really regret not getting around to.
The hardest part of the journey was getting to the gym, making those first few steps, now I look forward to gym days and have a new and exciting zest for life.

Thanks to Lidors ability to give us all a personal training program within each session the doors are still open if any other island residents want to join us, believe me it does not matter how out of shape or unfit you are. The group is very friendly and we all offer each other a lot of encouragement with whoops and cheers when one of us enjoys another achievement.

If you are interested in making a positive change in your life please drop me a line at we would love to welcome you.

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