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The Samui Times weight loss challenge gets underway

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The Samui Times weight loss challenge gets underway | Samui Times
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The Samui Times Juicy weight loss challenge contestants met for the first time on Sunday 13th October at the Karma Sutra Café in Bophut.

Weight loss expert Anzhela, who will be putting them through their weight loss program, gave a very motivational talk on steps towards a healthier lifestyle and had everybody introduce themselves and explain why they were ready to take on the challenge and step towards a fitter, firmer life.

SContestant A, explained that he was bored of yoyo dieting and wanted to find a way to shift a few pounds and then find a diet that ensured that once he has achieved his idea weight would allow him to maintain it without feeling deprived.

Anzhela explained that taking the Juicy challenge, that involves an all juice diet for a week, would not only jump start weight loss that in itself gives a lot of motivation, but would also allow the body to re-set itself. Removing processed foods and chemicals from the diet for only a week will stop your body craving unhealthy food choices she explained. The juice program she will put the contestants on will ensure that rather than feeling deprived and hungry will encourage the body to only crave for the right sort of foods, that we should all be living on anyway. Changing the way that you eat, rather than just hitting one diet after another, will ensure that weight loss is maintained and once your body is free of toxins, the kind of foods that contain them will lose their appeal.

diet femaleContestant B said that she found that she put on a lot of weight after she had her two children. Her main motivation was being able to shop for clothes in Samui and not end up buying a saraong. She also found that attempts to lose weight in the past have resulted in her weight fluctuating and she is looking for an eating plan that will ensure her weight is constant. Anzhela explained that overeating sometimes comes about because we are putting the wrong things in our body. If your body needs, for example, vitamin B12 it will cause you to feel hungry. If you then eat foods that do not contain the element that your body is looking for no matter how much you eat you will still feel hungry. Learning to eat a healthy balanced diet that provides your body with the vitamins and minerals your body needs will ensure that you will not feel hungry after a meal and this will remove urge to overeat.

diet femaleContestant C also put on weight after she had her baby six months ago. She also feels that she would like to return to her pre baby weight. Anzhela explained that this is a common problem for women who have had children and finding the right diet that fulfills the bodies needs is very important at this time, especially when there have been a lot of hormonal and emotional changes. Anzhela said that jump starting a diet with a seven day juicing plan is a great way to find the motivation to stick to a healthy diet and the fast results will give a lot of motivation to stay at your ideal weight once you have achieved it. She also mentioned that it was a good time for any of the contestants that smoke to give up as the week of juicing would be detoxing the body and putting toxins back in would result in the contestants feeling ill. She also mentioned that alcohol should also be avoided in the first week as it was important for the body not to have to deal with toxins.

SContestant D said that his has found it very hard to achieve his goal of a healthy body weight for his size and is very aware that he is far from being within a healthy range. This meat loving contestant doubts that he can get to where he wants to be but hopes the Juicy challenge will kick start a better diet that will get him a lot closer to his ideal weight than he is now, but worries that not eating meat and not having a little tipple each evening would leave him feeling deprived. Anzhela explained that it takes a very short space of time to stop craving unhealthy choices, and that your taste buds actually renew themselves every ten days. This means that anything you give up for longer than ten days you will no longer crave for. She also explained that losing weight and then maintaining that weight does not involve giving up the foods that you love the most. All you have to do is find a healthy way to enjoy them. So if meat is your favorite thing as long as you eat it in moderation, choose lean cuts and not cook it in an unhealthy was there is no reason they cannot still be part of your diet.

SContestant E has problems with cholesterol and has been advised by his doctor to use medication to reduce it. He asked his doctor to give him a chance to use a change of diet to bring it down and has already lost seven kilos. Anzhela explained that going on a seven day juice diet is an excellent way to significantly reduce cholesterol and was sure that Contestant E would be amazed how little his cholesterol would be reduced after just three days on the juice diet. Contestant E is also looking to reduce the amount of carbohydrate is diet and wheat in a hope to have a healthier lifestyle. Anzhela will be giving all of the contestants post challenge diet plans in order for them to have a healthier lifestyle and was happy to provide Contestant E with some alternatives to using wheat in his diet and agreed that this would be very beneficial to him

diet femaleContestant F also found being able to buy clothes a problem and hopes that weight loss will give her a wider range of clothes shopping options. She explained that as she does not drive she finds buying healthier options very difficult as her husband does the shopping and she has little control over what ends up in the fridge. Her other problem, being fairly new to Koh Samui is that without transport she can only get to the local market and finds the choice of foods there confusing as she does not recognize many of the fruits and vegetables so she does not buy them. Anzhela has arranged to go on a market tour and expel some of the mysteries so Contestant F can make healthier choices.

After a very motivation meeting Anzhela asked the contestants to go away and for the next three days make a food diary. During this time anything that the contestants put in their mouth must be documented. The reason this is so important is that for Anzhela to be able to provide a maintenance diet that will work after the challenge she needs a clear understanding of the contestants diets so she can effectively plan a diet they can stick to. The contestants must note what they eat and at what time they eat it. Anzhela encouraged the team to not make any changes to their diets over the next three days so she can really understand their eating habits, although the act of just writing everything down is quite motivational in itself as if you are honest then what you actually do eat in a day might just surprise you.

The group will meet again on Thursday to discuss the food diaries and get one step closer to the juicy challenge week that may just change their lives.


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