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Samui tour boss found dead – were slimming drugs to blame?

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Samui tour boss found dead – were slimming drugs to blame? | Samui Times
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The female boss of a Samui tour company was found dead Wednesday in a bedroom above the business on the Thaweeratphadee Road.

samui tour boss found deadA friend had spoken to Ratanaporn Sukmeeklin, 27, on Sunday but then contact had ceased and her company, “Thaiger Travel” was shut up. The friend Kusuma Burawat, 29, drove over and noticed a bad smell coming from the premises and alerted the police, reported Daily News.

The premises was locked and police used a spare key to gain entry and found the decomposing body of Ratanaporn in a second floor bedroom. There were no marks on the clothed body, no signs of a struggle and everything was in place.

Kusuma told police that her friend was overweight, about 55 – 60 kilos, and was often complaining about her size. She ordered many kinds of slimming drugs and took them one after another to try to get slim. She felt sure that the drugs were to blame and that her friend had suffered a stroke after taking them.

Police took several different varieties of slimming drugs found in the property into evidence. The body was sent for autopsy to find the exact cause of death.

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