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Samui v Phangan in the Siam Cup

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Samui v Phangan in the Siam Cup | Samui Times
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The Koh Samui pool players took on the Koh Phangan pool players at Tams Bar on July 12 in what turned out to be a fantastic night of pool and banter.

Six months ago Albin and his friend Reiner, who used to live on Samui but moved to Koh Phangan, decided to set up a competition between the two islands pool players to win the Siam Cup. Reiner got his friend Conor, who owns the Blue Parrot Resort in Ban Tai, involved and he got his friend Soren to jump on board and before they knew it ten pool players from Samui were heading over to the Outlaws Bar to attempt to win the cup that is sponsored by Tams. After a fantastic night of pool the boys from Samui came away with the cup and a 4-6 win.

SAM_2654On July 12th the Koh Phangan Players arrived in Koh Samui to try to win it back. The night started when Simon took on Phil for the best of three frames game. Phil won the first two, so the third was not played and Samui got the first point of the night. Mark then took on Ek, who took the first frame away from the home team player but Mark nailed the second two and the second point for Samui. Bob then took on John who also got the first frame but like Mark, Bob stole the second two. Ting Tong then took on Soren and nailed the first two frames with an 8 ball clearance on the first meaning there was no need for a third. Claus then took on Aqua who won the first frame, Claus pulled out all the stops and won the second but Aqua took the third taking the first point of the night for the away team. So at 4-1 Michael took on Vic and won the first frame but in the second he totally stuffed up on the black leaving it perfectly positioned for Vic who nailed it and nailed the third frame takingthe score to 4-2. SAM_2652

Yak then took on Jeff who looked like he was on for a clearance but missed the black leaving himself open to a Yak attack but when Yak doubled the black and put it in the wrong pocket Jeff won the frame. Yak sprung into action during the second frame but his hopes of a win melted away when the pillar holding up the bar got in his way and he bungled his shot and Jeff cleared the tables. Paul then took on Maam, the only female player in the game, but she was no match for Paul who easily took the first two frames, barely giving her any time at the table. Albin then took on Conor who trashed him on the first two frames taking the score to 5-4 and leaving it all down to T-bone to get the win for the home team against Chris. T-bone put in some incredible shots but also some uncharacteristically rubbish ones and Chris took the first and second frame. Finding themselves with a draw both teams picked players for a three frame play off. Paul took on Conner and won his frame and when Mark took on Vic and won, the third frame became redundant and Samui cheered as they kept possession of the Siam Cup.

SAM_2664After a fantastic German buffet food, some great pool and an exciting game of Killer the evening drew to a close with a victory for Samui and a good time had by all.

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