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Samui Webcam – a sneak peak of Samui from anywhere in the world

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Samui Webcam – a sneak peak of Samui from anywhere in the world | Samui Times
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Have you ever been at home in Samui and wondered what was going on around the island but could not pluck up the enthusiasm to go out? Have you ever been on a budget and found quiet nights in a little dull when you know Samui is buzzing all around you. Have you taken a vacation on the island and got home to find that you miss Samui and wished you had a few more days to look around, to people watch and to take in the world Samui style?

Webcam 1Well the guys at Samui Webcam may not have the solution to the holiday blues or tight budgets but thanks to their amazing website you can enjoy the views, sights and sounds of Samui real time via their various webcams around the island.

If you fancy at bit of remote Irish hospitality then you can have a look outside Tropical Murphy’s one of the most famous bars in Koh Samui, if you fancy a bit of cabaret then click onto Starz, if it is the beach you are pining for then Crystal Bay will take you back the ocean and if you are a fitness fanatic from the comfort of your couch check out Ultradbodies Gym! Other webcams include Vikasa Yoga, Villa Moon Shadow, the Lookout, SamuJana, Santithani, Bangpor and the Jungle Club. Being able to watch Samui real time is great fun and a lot more interesting than many TV channels. In fact one avid viewer old us they clicked onto a cam in Chaweng the other day just to find out if it was raining there!

Of course the site is not there purely for our entertainment it is great resource for business owners too. For example, villa owners can link their camera to their rental site as a great way of showing off their villa at all times of the day, picture may speak 1000 words but for potential clients, to watch the sunset real time, is far more of an incentive to book than a few picture that really do not do justice to the surroundings. Of course it is a great way for owners of villas, businesses and even building sites to monitor their expensive equipment, site progress and staff at the push of a button as well. Some people even use their cams to monitor their pets while they are out.

webcamWhen it comes to online marketing having your customers be able to log into your bar, restaurant, resort or any business and see what is going on will give them a real feeling for what you offer and will mean they can feel part of your establishment in between visits to Samui and of course share their personal experiences of Koh Samui with friends back home.

As well as using Samui Web Cam for fun, marketing and keeping an eye on your belongings it plays a vital role in security as well, the company not only provide online webcams for the world to see but private surveillance systems to protect your property and give you peace of mind. Only recently a thief was caught in Samui thanks to CCTV footage that was released on a social media site.

So if you fancy a peak around Samui without leaving the comfort of your arm chair take a look by clicking here where you will also discover some time-lapse video footage that would be a superb way to preserve your memories of building your house or even watching your garden grow.

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