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Samui’s terminally ill cancer lady turns out to be fraud

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Samui’s terminally ill cancer lady turns out to be fraud | Samui Times
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The plight of the lady struggling to end her final days in Samui after discovering she had terminal cancer and wishing to die here, where she found happiness 11 years go on vacation took a dramatic turn today.

After publishing a letter from a caring member of our community who was concerned that the lady, (he discovered in the hotel she spent time in eleven years ago that is now derelict) would end up spending her last hours in Nathon hospital rather than on the beach as she planned, offers of help came flooding in.

ChristineIt seemed that many members of the Samui community and beyond wanted to do all they could for Christine, a 57 year old German woman who told her rescuers that she did not want her full name to be used in the paper or on the small TV reports bringing her plight to the world’s attention.

When a local couple who wished to remain anonymous offered to pay for Christine’s medical bills, put her up in their home, provide food and nursing care and take care of all her final arrangements as well as her funeral, everybody who had read about her story shed yet another tear, this time of joy that there could be so much genuine love and affection for the woman from total strangers. Christine herself was overwhelmed by the offer, which she accepted , only she insisted that she would she would be happier to end her days in her own bungalow on the beach, a request the family were happy accommodate and a bungalow was found in Maenam, despite the additional cost.

However, when somebody at the embassy read about Christine’s story in the Samui Times alarm bells started to ring, the name and age were wrong but the story of a lone German woman causing chaos in Samui was all too familiar.

Here in Samui checks for Christine brought up nothing, attempts to find any family member failed, Christine told the Samui Time that she had no relatives, had lost her passport, money and possessions and was all alone in the world, and on the strength of that our community quickly came to her aid.

Back at the embassy checks were being made into a woman who arrived in Samui in July, checked into a hotel in lamai paid for two weeks accommodation, stayed for another six weeks and then disappeared leaving a 49,000 baht bill. The hotel called the embassy to report the woman missing. Her passport , left as security, had at this point expired along with her visa.

A call was put in to the German Consol on Koh Samui and he quickly got in touch with the family who were taking Christine in. That call came today just as the family were about to pay Christine’s hospital bill, minutes before she would be whisked off to her new and comfortable home on the beach, with nursing care, food and Christmas decorations.

When the consul arrived at the hospital it became clear that the missing lady from the hotel in Lamai and Christine were in fact the same person, he had lied about her name, she had lied about her circumstances and she had even diabolically lied about her illness. Christine certainly does not have cancer, in fact checks have now shown there is in fact nothing wrong with her other than her being underweight, despite putting on 2 kilos since she has been in the hospital. The fact that she lie about her name certainly explains why family and embassy checks brought up nothing. She does in fact have a sister in Germany, who she asked us not to contact.

The lady who managed to con not only our community in Samui but Samui Times reader around the world, her rescuer and our team showed little remorse when interviewed by our correspondent today as she relaxed on her hospital bed surrounded by patients who are actually dying, and the people she had cruelly deceived Despite pleading poverty up until today when faced with the prospect of going to jail and then the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok if she did not pay off her hotel bill, her hospital bill, her overstay, her flight home and the cost of an emergency travel document, she asked to use the phone to call her bank in Germany to change the amount she could withdraw from her account with her ATM and Credit card. The only real explanation she gave was that she felt that nobody in Germany really took care of her and came here hoping to invent and illness to make people feel sorry for her and take care of her. The once successful lawyer had really nothing else to say on the matter and showed very little emotion, other than being slightly annoyed the game was up. Although there is clearly something wrong with the woman she spoke intelligibly and had no problem processing any of our questions.

Thankfully the article in the Samui Time was spotted in the nick of time, Christine’s true identity was revealed before any bills were paid on her behalf and before the bungalow was paid for. It was a close call but in the end no real harm was done. What it did achieve was the discovery of angels in our community and sadly in Christine’s case that there are others in our community who walk on the other end of the moral spectrum.

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