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Savage new teacher took stick to seven year old 99 times

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Savage new teacher took stick to seven year old 99 times | Samui Times
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A teacher – recently qualified – took a stick to a grade one student and violently assaulted him across his back and bottom. He was hit a staggering 99 times.

child-abuse-thailandDespite the boys anguished cries and others trying to stop the assault the female teacher insisted on continuing with the cruel punishment, reports Daily News.

The boy had broken the rules by leaving class without permission.

The attack was uncovered when the boy’s mum went to pick him up after school on Friday. The school concerned is in Klong 2, Pathum Thani north of Bangkok.

Reporters who went to interview the 50 year old mother of the P1 boy on Sunday saw that some of the multiple lacerations had drawn blood.

The mother said that witnesses had told her the stick used was covered in sticky tape. Other teachers and maids had tried to intervene but no one could stop the new teacher from dishing out the beating.

The mother reported the matter to Klong Luang police and will be following up on the case at the police station with her lawyer today after receiving nothing in the way of apology from the teacher concerned.

Corporal punishment has been banned in Thai schools for many years but many cases of abuse of children continue to come to light.

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