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Scrapped Bangkok Airways plane now in third location

Samui Times Editor



Scrapped Bangkok Airways plane now in third location | Samui Times
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I am writing to ask if any of your reporters or correspondents, or any of your readers for that matter could enlighten me as to what the normal protocol is when it comes to disposing of airplanes that have been involved in a crash.

The reason I ask is that in August 2009 a plane skidded off the runway in Samui and sadly the pilot was killed and several passengers were injured, some of them quite seriously. The investigation seemed to show that this was due to bad weather. I had no doubt in my mind that an investigation would take place and was not that surprised to see that the plane was later put at the side of the airport. I felt sorry tplane 1hat the plane could be seen from the road but as that is road (the road off the ghost road by the 2 x 7-11 and Tesco junction) not often used by tourist it did not really pose that much of a problem. Obviously you would like to think that the poor pilots family did not have to drive past it on their way to work every day or something like that.

Anyway, when the plane disappeared from that spot earlier this year I was not that surprised either, I mean it had been four years and I just assumed that the investigation etc was now complete and the plane would be removed.

I was very surprised when said plane then turned up on the side of the road near to the turning for the raja ferry. Just dumped on the side of the road as if it was just the most normal thing in the world to do with a plane no longer need. Then I read online that apparently that spot was outside a scrap dealers and the plane would be broken up and I accepted that explanation, even thought there is something well odd about driving past an abandoned plane especially when somebody died in it.

So imagine my surprise today when I came across the plane yet again, now in a third location. This time it is in a car park near the seatran ferry in Nathon. This time it has got big signs with a nemo fish on it saying Majcha Air, could somebody please tell me what is going on?

Note from the editor, the Samui Times are looking into this story

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