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Season 11 of the M&M’s pool league begins

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Season 11 of the M&M’s pool league begins | Samui Times
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The first games of the 11th season of the M&M’s Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen Pool league got off to a flying start on July 3rd.

At Kinaree2, a new bar in the league, Tams were hoping to take the first win of the season. However it was Kinaree that got the first two points on the board when Michael beat Ian and Mick beat Dean. Simon then chalked Tams up when he beat Willy. Tangmo got the third point for Kinaree by beating Nitasher and Michael got the fourth by beating Dave. Tams then forged ahead when Ian beat Mick, Dean beat Willy, Simon beat Tangmo and Nitasha beat Michael. The scores then leveled out at 5-5 when Mick beat Dave. With the players on both teams taking their time over their shots, what turned out to be a rather long evening resulted in a close 13-11 win for Kinaree.

Down at M&M’s the home team got 6-2 ahead against the Samui Rock Café. Todd then lost his frame to Cam, the Famous Don Roberto lost his to June and Nippa lost his to Don taking the score to a more respectable 6-5. M&M’s Simon then beat Andy and T-bone beat Don. Flea then lost his frame to June and Todd lost his to Cam taking the score to 7-8. Don Roberto then played some of the best pool any of the players have ever seen him play and beat Hakin. Nipper narrowly missed beating Don and Simon would have lost his game to Andy had he not missed the black leaving it perfectly lined up for the home team player. T-bone then beat Dan for the second time during the evening before Flea took on Cam who got rather flummoxed over the score board that gave him the impression his team had more points than they actually had. All was resolved after Flea walked him through team Captain Todd’s rather unique scoring technique and the frame began. Flea put in a couple of duff shots that he blamed on the table and Cam looked like he was on for the win but the white following the black into to pocket put pay to that. Todd then took on June who had not lost a frame all evening and predictably beat Todd after he not only started with a false break but lost the coin down the pocket. Don Roberto then took on Don and lost taking the score to a nail biting 12-10. Nippa then lost his frame to Hakin taking it to 12-11. Simon then stepped to take the glory in his frame against Cam that he won taking the frame and the game for the home team with a score of 13-11.

Down the road at Bamboo Bar two time league champions Nang Su Pim took on another newcomer to the league Red Hot Bar, who came along with plenty of supporters. Team Captain Mark got the first win of the night against David. Yak then introduced Peter to what is known as a Yak attack when he beat him. Nang, who played superb shots all evening, then beat Martyn. Dave who was also on great form then beat Jurgen. Chi then took to the table against Jack. During the frame Chi sent the white ball spinning off the table narrowly missing Marks head. Jack looked like he was going to get the first point of the night for the away team but missed the black which Chi potted. Nang Su Pim took the score to 10-0 before Jurgen took a point for the Red Hot Bar to a rapturous roar from the crowd. However that turned out to be the only point as Yak, Nang and Dave won their frames brining a 13-1 triumph home for the team. Despite the score the Red Hot Bar team enjoyed some great pool and contributed more than their fare share of fun to the evening that was enjoyed by all.

Hakuna Matata took a 13 -11 win over Chilling and Max Bar took a 13-10 win over Riks as The Office. The games between Osteria Bar and Queens, and the Premier Sports Bar and Thairish bar were postponed.

Next week’s fixtures

Chillin v Kinaree2, Queens Pub v Premier Sports Bar, Red Hot Bar v Osteria, Riks v Nang Su Pim, Samui Rock Café v Max Bar, Tams v M&M’s and Thairish v Hakuna Matata

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