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Seawalking, a new and exciting way to discover Samui below the water line

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Seawalking, a new and exciting way to discover Samui below the water line | Samui Times
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Thailand is famous for its pristine white sandy beaches and under-water treasures. Koh Samui is one of those sites blessed with fascinating sea creatures living in the always inviting blue-green waters off the gulf of Thailand.

If you are not into scuba or don’t have the time to invest in under water activity that require lengthy training or complicated equipment, then Sea-walking is just for you.

seawalking 1Sea-walking is the most easy and exciting underwater sport on the island. It is a new and up-coming underwater activity now available for the whole family in Koh Samui.

The ease of the sea –walking system enables practically anyone, including non-swimmers, children and the elderly, to be immersed in a world previously limited to those with advanced skills or certifications.

“…as simple as walking and breathing,
and you don’t have to know how to swim
— you can even wear prescription glasses.”

All you need to do is wear a big brass diving helmet, which resemble those used by astronauts when they land on the moon. Made of clear glass, the face of the helmet allows the wearer to clearly see everything around him in the water.

Air pumped into the helmet through a special tube, allowing the user to breath easily and comfortably. Sea-walking helmets are designed for both adults and children aged seven and above.

seawalking 2This technology has been around for decades but has been introduced to Koh Samui about 2 years ago.

Operating from Thong Krut, famous for its brightly colored fishing boats and friendly fisherfolk, Sea-walking (the name of the business) takes its guests to Koh Tean and Koh Mudsum islands southwest of the Samui on a longtail boat.

The waters of Koh Tean and Koh Mudsum teem with marine life of various shapes and colors, including anemone, stingrays and corals.

On top of all the excitement of walking with the fish, the experience of walking in next to zero gravity (like the men on the moon) is making the trip an unforgettable day for everyone.

To top everything, on the way back, we make a stop on a secluded beach for a bit of relaxing and snorkeling.

Want to try Sea-walking?

Simply call us at 0901-650-411 or email us at .

You can also book a Sea-walking tour via our website: or through the hotel where you are booked or at any local tour agent.

seawalking 3You can also check us up on our facebook page: Seawalking Samui or on

Sea-walking guests should bring their own swimsuit, towel and a spirit of adventure.

Both conservationists, the owners also use their business as a platform to promote environmental awareness among tourists.

With millions visiting Thailand every year, their effort is much needed to protect Thailand’s natural resources from manmade destruction.

Enjoy walking under the sea. Walking has never been so exciting!

Prices: Adult- 2000 Baht; 1500 Baht for children aged 7-12

For info and booking, call 0901-650-411 (+66 for international calls) or visit

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