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Second leg of the San Miguel Light knockout cup

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Second leg of the San Miguel Light knockout cup | Samui Times
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The second leg of the San Miguel Light knockout cup was meant to take place on Monday the 12th of August but as it was Mothers Day only the Premier Sports Bar game took place against Tams.

Tam’s had a bit of a dilemma when one of their players failed to arrive and Timmy was so annoyed it put him off his game all night, but thankfully Dave stepped up to the mark and took the errant players place.

The evening’s entertainment started with team captains Ian and Timmy facing off in a game that Ian won for the home team. Roger 2 then took on Luke who played a very tactical game and threw a few clever snookers at home team player, that got him a ball in hand along the way. However Roger still managed to get ahead in the frame and went on to win. Bill then took on Albin, who has been playing very well all season and when Bill missed the most potable ball anybody had ever seen Albin leapt on the opportunity to show off his skills. Spectator T-bone yelled “ Winning Team Premier Sports Barit’s about time they brought out the big guns” and Timmy tipped off the Samui Times that their plan had always been to go 0-4 down before they went for a big come back. However that plan went down the pan when Albin smashed the frame and put Tams on the score board. Tom then took on Dave. Tom played well and Dave tried to get ahead using Luke’s snookering tactics but it did not work quite so well for him and he lost the frame to Albin’s shouts of “he almost beat Tommy from Scotland”. Dennis then took on Timmy, who played so badly he had to pull out a few of his own snookering tactics to get ahead of Dennis who far outplayed the normally top level player. Ian then leveled the score out when he beat Luke to 3-3. Roger2 then brought home the glory for the Premier Bar by beating Albin and Bill followed suit by beating Dave. Tom then lost his game to Timmy who had started to find form but Dennis threw the advantage back in the home team corner when his skills out played Luke’s. Ian then lost his frame to a more than enthusiastic Albin before Roger2 took another win this time against Dave. Bill then took on Timmy who had returned to his normal unstoppable form, and lost and Tom lost his frame to Luke. Dennis then fell prey to some hot shots from Albin but Ian leveled the score once more, this time to 8-8 winning his frame against Dave. Roger2 once again took the glory when he beat Timmy and Bill took the score to a tantalizing 10-8 when he beat Albin. Tom then finished the evening and took the home team through to the next round of the knockout cup by beating Dave.

knockout tams copyThe following night Queens did their best to get through to the next round when they took on Bamboo Bar. Michael did not really help the team to get off to a good start when he lost to Mark. Torsten had no luck either when he lost to Gary. Harold stepped up to the mark and put his team on the board when he beat Nang but Andy lost out to Chi taking the score to 2-2. Gregor then lost his frame to Mark and Michael lost his frame to Gary. Torsten then got in a great win against Nang but when Harold lost to Chi it started a chain reaction and Andy lost to Mark, Gregor lost to Gary, Michael lost to Nang, and Torsten lost to Chi. Harold then did his bit to change the direction of the game by beating Mark. Andy however could not get up the memento for the home team and lost his frame to Gary. Gregor did his best to get the ball rolling back into the Queens court by beating Nang but as Michael lost to Chi it was all over for the home team who did not earn a place in the next round.

Chillin Bar easily made it through to the next round when they beat Mick’s Bar 11-3. Still to play in the second round are Aussieland v Samui Rock Café, Jack Bar v Badass Bar, On’s Livewire v The Hut, Ostaria v Thairish and Spicy v International. Knocked out in the first round here Scandinavia Bar, Pumpui, Chillin Bar2, Barbs and MeMe.

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