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Senior policeman executes erstwhile son in law in southern prosecutor’s office

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Senior policeman executes erstwhile son in law in southern prosecutor’s office | Samui Times
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A shocking series of stills from CCTV show the moments when a senior policeman walked into a southern Thai prosecutor’s office and executed a young man in full view of the public.

Thai cop executes a man in publicDamri Paeyai, 53, attached to the Na Bon police station walked into the Thung Song office late morning yesterday holding a loaded gun and confronted a man called Sathit who had been involved with his daughter, reported Sanook.

Sathit was waiting to be seen by prosecutor’s clerks.

He shot Sathit two or three times at point blank range as the public waiting to be seen scattered in fear. Then when he saw that Sathit was still not dead Damri finished him off with another shot.

He then walked out, got in a vehicle and drove to the Thung Song police station where he gave himself up.

He has been charged with pre-meditated murder and has made a full admission.

Investigating officers found several .38 ‘super’ shell casings at the scene and took the CCTV footage into evidence.

It was reported that three months ago the policeman’s daughter had died while riding pillion on the back of Sathit’s motorbike in the Na Bon area. Damri claimed that it was not an accident but a cover-up for something else.

He had made an accusation against his erstwhile son in law and the case had been referred to the Thung Song prosecutor’s office for consideration.

After his daughter’s death Damri had been overcome with grief and anger and had said to colleagues that he would shoot Sathit. None of his police friends believed that he would really do it.

But yesterday morning in front of a startled public that is exactly what he did.


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