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Serial rapist and thief arrested in North Thailand

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Serial rapist and thief arrested in North Thailand | Samui Times
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A serial rapist and thief responsible for kicking women from their motorcycles in two districts of Chiang Mai has been caught by police.

serial rapistPornchai Nanta, 29, was arrested after a warrant had been issued earlier this month following around ten separate incidents in Doi Saket and San Sai districts involving young and older women reported Daily News.

And it emerged that the man, who admitted his crimes, had been jailed for theft and robbery twice before. Whenever he was given his freedom he would revert to serious crime.

Pornchai’s modus operandi was to follow women who were alone on motorcycles then kick them off. He would drag them into secluded areas and rape them and steal from them. He told police that he wanted sex with his victims and it didn’t matter if they were young or old. Sometimes he used condoms.

Police said that he had been jailed for four years at age 17 for theft. Let out at 21 he had committed robbery and been jailed for eight years. Released again he had immediately gone back to his criminal ways. Porchai admitted to eight cases of theft and rape but police suspect there may be more.

He had been attacking women since the end of last year until May when police got a break with CCTV evidence and traced him to a house. He was not there but they got a warrant and later picked him up in Chiang Kham district of Payao.

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