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Seven arrested in Phuket anti-drug and crime crackdown

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Seven arrested in Phuket anti-drug and crime crackdown | Samui Times
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Seven people were arrested on Tuesday Oct 11 and Oct 12 as part of police’s ongoing anti-drug and crime campaign being carried out across the island of Phuket.

drugs-crack-down-phuketAnti-narcotics police led by Phuket City Police’s Maj Rittichai Chumchuy arrested seven people who were found in possession of a total of six kilograms of marijuana, 2.37 grams of crystal meth (ya ice), seven methamphetamine pills (ya bah) and 44 bullets.

On October 11 the team arrested six people as follow:

At 2pm – Sin Sansanuk, 22, with 1.14g of ya ice

At 4pm – Saithan Samor, 17, with 1.23g of ya ice and seven ya bah pills

At 5:30pm – Weerapong Wuthithamapor, 60, with 5.02g of marijuana and others items

At 8:30pm -Khajonkiat Senthong, 25, with 7.27g of marijuana

At 8:30pm – Zho Minn Ti, 25, from Myanmar with 7.27g of marijuana

At 10:30pm – Aroon Laoboondet, 53, with 12.53g of marijuana

The arrest of Weerapon at 5:30pm, however, then led police to arrest another drug dealer, Mr Thanapon Yammali, 40, in Patong yesterday. He was found in possession of 5.89kg of marijuana and 44 .22 bullets at a house on 50 Pi Rd.

According to a police statement, on October 11 Weerapon told police that Thanapon asked him to pick up some drugs at the road across from Central Festival Phuket and deliver to him at his home in Patong.

Weerapong led police to Thanapon’s home but it was already dark inside so officers monitored the house until the next day when they found Thanapon at a neighbouring property. Police escorted him back to his home where they conducted a search and discovered the marijuana and and ammunition.

Thanapon told police that he bought the drugs from a man named Pae, but that he did not know his real name. He had bought from Pae three times and recently bought 10kg which he paid B18,000 per kg.

He said Pae sent another man on a motorbike and sidecar to deliver the drugs to him near Bang Wad Dam and that he distributed most of the drug to his clients and had some for his own personal use.

Thanapon added that the bullets were not his but a friend name Kaew who left them at his house one month ago.

Sin and Saithan were taken to Phuket City Police to be charge with possession of category 1 drug. Weerapong was taken to Kathu Police Station to be charge with possession of a Category 5 drug, while Khajonkiat, Aroon, Thanapon and Zho were all taken to Patong Police Station to be charge with possession of Category 5 drug.

Zho was also charged with living in Thailand illegally and Thanapon with illegal possession of ammunition.

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