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Several provinces experience water shortages

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Several provinces experience water shortages | Samui Times
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Several provinces are running short on water as the country is easing into summer.

Several provinces experience water shortages | News by Samui TimesIn Phichit, water levels in natural waterways are decreasing rapidly, crippling the local irrigation system and forcing people in Sak Lek district to purchase water from the municipal area.

In Bueng Kan, soldiers from the Engineer Department of the Royal Thai Army are dredging canals to improve the storage capacity so that people in Nadee sub-district have enough water during the dry season.

In Chiang Mai, 700 local authorities from 25 districts gathered in the municipality in a campaign aimed at preventing wildfires. To lower the risk of possible fires during the dry season, Chiang Mai residents have been asked to refrain from burning activities until April 20th.

Meanwhile, the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation will launch its cloud seeding operation on March 2nd in areas surrounding Bhumibol and Lamtakhlong Dams. The two reservoirs supply water to nearby farming areas.


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