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“Sex moans” coming from next door – Thai TV and a lawyer take up the case!

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“Sex moans” coming from next door – Thai TV and a lawyer take up the case! | Samui Times
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Thailand’s Amarin TV went to visit a woman staying at some flats who has had a lot of problems sleeping because of urgent female noises coming from next door.
imageThese have included shouts of: “Jep jang luey – may wai laew” that roughly translates as “It’s so painful – I can’t stand it anymore”.
Thaivisa notes that such sentiments are usually associated with sexual pleasure.
Apart from that “Nong Luuk Peach” has heard a lot of noise of the bed in the next room shaking violently.
The sounds come between 2am and 3am. Though her friends reported similar occurrences between 6pm and 7pm in the evening.
Luuk Peach said she had been at the flats in Soi Issaraphap (soi freedom) 39 for eight months. Everything was fine for the first four months until a woman she described as a friend moved in next door.
She got so fed up with being unable to sleep that she recorded the noises and put them on Facebook.
Then exasperated she wrote a polite note and stuck it to her neighbor’s door. In part it said:
“Would you mind please having sex quietly. I need my sleep”.
This has had the desired effect as regard the screams but she can still hear the bed creaking.
She told Amarin, reported by Sanook, that she is not shy to go round and tell the woman face to face if she is disturbed again:
“I shall tell her to please keep the noise down as I have to go and study in the morning. I’m not embarrassed – I will do it if I have to,” said Luuk Peach.
The management at the flats backed her up saying they had warned the occupants about the noise. The management said it was really loud and the residents had a legitimate complaint. If it goes on they will take the matter further.
Meanwhile online lawyer Kertphon Kaewkert spoke to Sanook and said that the people making the noise could be fined under article 397.
And they could face a 5,000 fine for the disturbances.
The complaints come after a previous case posted on Facebook about a month ago.
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