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Sex pest leaves schoolgirl a “souvenir” on her handlebars – a used condom

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Sex pest leaves schoolgirl a “souvenir” on her handlebars – a used condom | Samui Times
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A sexual pervert in Southern Thailand was filmed pestering a 17 year old school girl trying to do her homework with a friend in a sala.

He alarmed the girl by initiating conversation about the sexual needs of his granddaughter. The conversation continued in southern dialect.

Sex pest leaves schoolgirl aThe girl, now filming, tried to get on with her assignments while the man who had arrived earlier on a motorcycle then went to some nearby toilets.

Then he was seen hovering around the girl’s motorcycle. “Ann”, 17, told Daily News Online later that she wondered what he was doing but then he left on his own bike.

When she went to her vehicle after there was a used condom on the handlebars – it had sperm in it.

Trang police said that the man is known to them after a prior arrest. They encouraged the victim to file a complaint but she said that her dad didn’t want her to make a big thing of it.

The story was posted on the page of “Amornrat Chuaytam” on Facebook where the victim said: “Disgusting! Share! This happened to me while I was doing my homework. This ‘nutter’ arrived on a bike. He just sat there looking at me then came over and started telling a sex story I started filming”.

She said he left the condom as a “souvenir” of their encounter.

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Sex pest leaves schoolgirl a

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