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Shock treatment as Songkran drunk drivers visit the morgue

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Shock treatment as Songkran drunk drivers visit the morgue | Samui Times
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Drunk drivers of public vehicles arrested over the Songkran holiday have been shown the consequences of their behaviour – including trips to the hospital morgue.

morgue for drink driversA programme to educate drivers about the error of their ways has been mounted across the country with large groups of drunk drivers being given tours this week in Yasothorn, Phitsanulok and Petchabun in the north east, reports Thairath.

Drivers were shown to a morgue in Phitsanulok, taken to a prison in Yasothorn, and heard the harrowing tales of accident victims in Petchabun.

They were also invited to give blood to help victims of the carnage on the roads.

True to their announcement before the holidays that drunkards on the roads would face these ordeals, the Justice Miinistry has organised many visits under the title of “Realising the consequences of drink driving.”

Forty six drivers of public vehicles toured Yasothorn Hospital Monday under the scheme seeing the suffering of injured victims before being taken to the municipal prison where they heard stories from inmates locked up for driving offences.

Dr Sumethi Sasima of Yasothorn hospitals development wing said it was a good opportunity for the drivers to see the consequences of drink driving. “They were able to see first hand how there actions affect others and the devastating losses and life changing distress that drink driving and negligent driving can cause, ” said Dr Sumethi.

In Praphutchinarat Hospital in Phitsanulok a group of drivers saw people being treated for injuries caused by drink driving and heard victims relate their stories. They were then taken to the morgue to see what happens to those who paid the ultimate price.

Earlier on the 22nd of the month 45 drivers in Petchabun were given similar tours listening to victims distress in a public hospital.

Almost 500 people were killed over the Songkran holiday week with a large percentage of the victims dying as a result of drink driving.

Thai Visa / Thairath

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