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Shooter in Pattaya turned himself in after shooting at man in car

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Shooter in Pattaya turned himself in after shooting at man in car
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After shooting up a car where a man was waiting for his girlfriend in Pattaya, the shooter has now turned himself in at the Bang Lamung Police Station. The 38 year old man told police that the hail of bullets that he showered the car with was in response to a personal dispute, and initially confessed to the crime.

The shootout took place on July 3 as a 34 year old man sat in his car, a white Toyota Yaris sedan, waiting for his girlfriend, who had been fighting with earlier that night. She was out partying and when he went to pick her up she didn’t want to go. He went home and called her at midnight during which the call got passed around and he ended up arguing with unknown men over the phone. He finally went back at 4:30 am to pick up his girlfriend at Pattaya Provincial Waterworks.

This time as he waited, someone pulled up next to his car and begin firing a shotgun at his Yaris. The driver was able the dive out of the other car door and run into the woods as the shooter fired upon his car and then drove away. Police examined the bullet holes from the shotgun and vowed to review CCTV footage to track down the gunman.

But yesterday their search was made easier when a man that goes by Pui Pattaya walked into the police station and turned himself in. Police went to his house and found a registered Hatsan shotgun there which they took into possession.

According to the gunman, he had met his victim at the same party that his girlfriend had been refusing to leave. She says the boyfriend showed up and was trying to force his girlfriend to leave the party and go home. The shooter intervened trying to separate the quarrelling couple. Tempers flared and the man ended up arguing viciously with the boyfriend. That’s what caused the shooter to find the man in his car later and riddle it with bullets.

The boyfriend was lucky to escape out of the side of his car, and the shooter was charged with possessing a firearm in public without a permit, carrying a firearm in public, and criminal mischief. He was released on a bail of 100,000 baht.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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