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Siriraj Hospital doctors recall the Great King’s dedication to the betterment of his people despite of being bed-ridden

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Siriraj Hospital doctors recall the Great King’s dedication to the betterment of his people despite of being bed-ridden | Samui Times
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Siriraj Hospital’s team of doctors and staff who attended to the King when he was too sick and bed-ridden have recalled the dedication and hardworking of the beloved King to the betterment of his subjects.

He recalled how the King strained to get up from his bed to do exercise as advised by doctors, and said His Majesty was an exemplary patient.

They remembered vividly that His Majesty was extraordinary man.

They said despite of being sick and invalidated to the hospital bed, His Majesty never ceased to work, always caring for the welfare of his subjects.

A member of the team Dr Teerawat Kultanant, former director of the Siriraj Hospital, recalled how the beloved tireless King had cared for the plight of the people at the time when the country was besieged by massive flooding in 2011.

Despite being bedridden, the King had expressed his desire to go down to the river.

His Majesty however was not doing so to take in the scene, but out of concern for the Thai people, wanted to check on water levels in the Chao Phraya River.

He said many times doctors advised against this and His Majesty instead asked the doctors themselves who were attending to him to take the measurements and inform His Majesty every day.

He recalled that His Majesty worked every day.

His Majesty was constantly either giving verbal or written instructions to ensure the welfare of the Thai people.

“We were always concerned for his health. Sometimes when His Majesty was feeling better he would personally take the lift down to the river side to check on water levels. Of course we accompanied him. Other days when he could not himself go down His majesty would always ask all of us ‘How is the water situation?’ and I would have to answer him immediately. Not only that, His majesty wanted to know the exact measurements such as by how much the water level had risen or fallen.”

He said not only was His Majesty and extraordinary man who never tired of caring for his people but His Majesty was also an exemplary patient.

The team told of His Majesty’s personal discipline – knowing that the Thai people were concerned and depended on him – in looking after his own health and put into practice every medical advice doctors gave him.

They told of His Majesty’s dedication to his work on behalf of his people and divided his time diligently.

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