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Sister’s plea for help to get her brothers body repatriated from Thailand

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Sister’s plea for help to get her brothers body repatriated from Thailand | Samui Times
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Luke Ramage was looking forward to a dream vacation in Thailand, instead he met his death only hours after he arrived, in a Bangkok hotel. His death is totally unexplained, his family have now started a crowdfunding page to help have his body returned home.

Hi everyone. You may or may not be aware that my brother, Luke has recently passed away in Thailand. Various reasons have made it very difficult for us to get luke transported home. We have had a number of issues that has lead us to search for advice and this is why I have began to write this statement.

Sister's plea for help to get her brothers body repatriated from Thailand | News by Samui TimesMyself (Luke’s sister), my mam and the rest of my family are trying to raise money to be able to bring Luke home from Thailand. Although we are aware it may not be what Luke would want, after exhausting a number of financial options we are now at a last resort. We have been told it’s going to cost thousands just to get Lukes body flown back to the UK and failure to pay for that will result in Luke being released into charity and we would be unsure what would happen then. We have now have an added time pressure on top of everything else that has happened. Our family obviously want full control of what happens when Luke is released from the authorities and for him to get home.

After exploring a few options and gaining advice from other families who’ve been in similar situations, we are extending our plea to everyone out their to help us try and reach our goal of getting Luke home to give him the send off he deserves. Until a payment is made to fly him back, the funeral care who would be in charge of the logistics of getting him home, are unable to make any arrangements as they need it to be made upfront and as soon as possible. On behalf of my mam and the rest of our family, we are desperate in asking, if you can, donate absolutely anything towards helping us get him home. We appreciate this is a financially difficult time of year, but we are hoping you can find something in your heart to help us. Even if it is a small donation, every little helps and the money will aid the payment for the organising of getting Luke home. We hope we can reach our goal as soon as possible and lay Luke to rest where he belongs.

If you would like to help us, on behalf of me, my mam and all of the family we would like to say Thank you for any donation possible and for all of the support you have shown so far!!

Please continue to R.I.P Luke, hopefully we will have you home soon. ❤️

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