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Sisters on Samui need your help with the Samui Soap Box Derby

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Sisters on Samui need your help with the Samui Soap Box Derby | Samui Times
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The Samui Soap Box Derby is going to be a huge event for Koh Samui and five thousand spectators are expected to come and enjoy the event as well as contestants from all over Thailand and surrounding countries. The ten hour race will take place on Saturday the 14th of December around Chaweng Lake.

The event is being organized by the Thai Hotel Association and as well as the soap box derby there will be a music and beer festival.

soap box 1Each team in the race will need to find a theme for their soapbox and a team name that is appropriate to the theme chosen. The soap box structure must be made of two bicycles that are welded or attached together. The bicycle structure must be covered by an additional structure made of fiber glass, cardboard, light wood or any other light material. The outside structure must then be decorated and painted in the theme chosen by the team. There are no limits in size or ideas for decoration of the box but it must have four wheels and be driven by a pair of 2 racers.

The teams will be composed of a cycling team of around 20 people, a 6 man mechanical and repair team and of course a large support team to cheer the racers on. The whole team must dress up in line with their theme and all of the riders must complete at least one loop of the circuit. The mechanical team will be given a tent in the pit stop area for repairing the soap box when required, but they will have to bring along their own repair material.

The racers and the teams are allowed to drink and drive but only at their own risk!

soap box 2The Sisters on Samui have decided that they want to participate in this event that will raise money for the building of the new Special Needs School and the Green Project, but unlike the other businesses and hotels that are taking part the Sister on Samui are a charity and do not have the funds they need or access to the materials and this is where they need your help. The entry fee for the race is twenty five thousand baht and any donations would be gratefully received, the sisters are also looking for building materials for the soap box, riders, members for the support team, ideas for the construction of the soap box, designers, engineers and mechanics to help build it and maintain it during the race and anything else anybody has to offer. There will be a huge amount of coverage of the race and the Samui Times and the Sisters on Samui will ensure that thanks for any help and donations given to the Sisters on Samui will be appropriately given in the press and Sisters on Samui newsletters.

This is going to be an amazing event for Koh Samui and help to promote the island not just as a tourist destination but as a unique island with a unique community that is vibrant, fun and inviting. There will be a huge amount of press coverage of the event with news crews coming along from every corner of Thailand. If you would like to be part of the very first Samui Soap Box Derby then why not join the Sisters on Samui team, it will be fun, exciting and very memorable and anybody is welcome to join them.

If you would like to get involved please contact Yvonne by mailing

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