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Sixty nine year old Thai man found stiff after sleeping with three girls at short-time hotel

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Sixty nine year old Thai man found stiff after sleeping with three girls at short-time hotel | Samui Times
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A sixty nine year old Thai businessman was found dead after entertaining three girls at a short time hotel room in the Pak Chong area of Nakorn Rachasima.

sixty nine year old dies during gang bangThe man had told staff at the “resort” on the old Friendship Highway yesterday that he wanted only short time but after the girls had left and several hours passed they knocked on the door, reported Thairath.

Getting no reply they used a spare key and found the man dead on the bed. Pak Chong police were called and arrived at the scene with medics and foundation staff.

The man was not named but is understood to be a well known businessman with interests in the Ban Pa Mai market in Pak Chong.

Outside was parked a pick-up truck. Inside the room they found the man naked, face down under a bed cover with a white towel on top.

One used condom was lying on the bed beside the body.

On the bedside table they found a bottle of water, some glasses, a watch, a phone and the keys to the pick-up truck.

There were no signs of injury or a struggle and the man had been dead for three to four hours.

Police said that the body had started to stiffen.

Police spokesman Pongpan Banjongjit of the Pak Chong force said that staff had informed them that the businessman had arrived about midday and asked to rent the room for three hours.

A short while after three girls had arrived on a motorbike.

After three hours the time was extended for another three and some two hours after that the girls left. When it had grown dark and the agreed time had been exceeded by two hours staff knocked on the door but got no reply.

They then used the master key and found the body.

The body was sent to Pak Chong Nana hospital for an autopsy to find out the cause of death. Police are also looking for the girls to help them with their enquiries.

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