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Thailand’s roads have the second highest death rate in the world behind war-torn Libya. Over 14,000 people died on Thai roads in 2012 according to a 2015 report by the World Health Organisation. This staggering statistic highlights how the local government and Slow Down Samui | News by Samui Timespolice authorities have struggled to take impactful measures to enforce changes in road safety. The lack of signs, traffic lights and police presence means that there is still a large amount of reckless driving and an average of 1-2 deaths per day on Ko Samui.

With these statistics in mind, locals as well as tourists need to take more responsibility for their own safety, unfortunately this is often an afterthought to getting into an accident. Schools have a big role to play in their communities to raise awareness and help influence drivers to keep to speed limits and wear helmets. This is especially true considering that riding on 2 wheels makes up 70% of roadside fatalities.

On Thursday 30th March from 10am to 12pm Lamai International School (LIS) will be raising awareness for road safety at the Lad Koh viewpoint between Lamai and Chaweng. Students will be handing out information pamphlets, free helmets and cold beverages to members of the public to encourage drivers to be mindful of speed limits and the risks involved on Ko Samui’s roads.

If you or anyone you might know would like to help increase road safety on Ko Samui, LIS will be accepting helmet donations and selling Slow Down Samui t-shirts designed by the students. All money and helmets donated will be re-invested into future campaigns for road safety and injured victims of road accidents.

Slow Down Samui | News by Samui Times

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