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Smartphone app to be launched to speed up police response

Samui Times Editor



Smartphone app to be launched to speed up police response | Samui Times
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Yesterday an application was formally launched by the Royal Thai Police called “Police I lert u”. The app has been designed to allow people to inform the police of any emergency via their smartphones. Police I lert you was designed police i lert youto help increase the capability of police of the police to deal with emergency requests in a timely fashion rather than simply relying on 191 phone calls, Pol General Somyos Poompan-muang, the Nation Police Chief said. He went on to say “we would love to get Police I lert u to be used as the 191 emergency number in digital format, we would also love to see the people use Police I lert u – then it would be Police I love you”.

When a citizen places a 191 call it can take the police up to ten minutes to reach the location of the emergency, however the app could halve that response time

The 191 service receives between seven to eight thousand calls a day, however between eighty and ninety percent of those are either fake calls or people asking for directions.

The new application has been provide and developed the Anywhere 2 Go Thai software firm, free of charge and has been deployed through 88 police stations in Bangkok, around five thousand officers are already using it.

The chief executive officers of Anywhere 2 Go, Kittinan Anuphan, said that emergency messages sent via the app contained the exact location as identified by the Global Positioning System.

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