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Soi Dog Foundation pledges to neuter 1 million animals in 2 years

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Soi Dog Foundation pledges to neuter 1 million animals in 2 years
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Now in 16 provinces, the Soi Dog Foundation has set a goal to vaccinate and neuter one million stray dogs and cats across Thailand within the next two years. The foundation has been working since 2003 to combat the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs all over the country.

They launched a program that year called Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return starting in Phuket where they reduce the spread of strays by stopping millions of kittens and puppies from ever being born. Now they have treated more than 750,000 animals all around Thailand over the last 19 years with branches in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Songkhla, and Kanchanaburi.

Over 652,000 dogs have been neutered in the programme as well as nearly 110,000 cats in the last two decades. They are currently vaccinating and neutering 40 to 45 animals on average every day in each one of their 12 bases across the country – about 480 to 540 creatures daily.

Last month Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt met with staff from the Soi Dog Foundation in a meeting called to address the continuous nuisance of stray animals facing the capital city. The foundation suggested to Chadchart a sterilisation programme for Bangkok and the governor agreed that it was the best method to tackle the strays in the area.

Aside from the ambitious goal of one million animals neutered and vaccinated in Thailand, the Soi Dog Foundation has now focused its sights on reducing the stray animal populations across Southeast Asia, starting with Cambodia. There they partnered with the first similar neutering program outside Thailand, Animal Rescue Cambodia based in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

The foundation had previously created a campaign to battle the sale and consumption of cat and dog meat throughout Asia, only to be stymied by the Covid-19 pandemic for the last 2 years. Now they are addressing the issue again, working on stigmatising dog and cat meat through a programme called “Last Country on Earth” aimed at convincing countries in Asia to drop the practice.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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