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Soldier arrested for murdering his girlfriend in Pattaya and the mystery of the body in the barrel

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Soldier arrested for murdering his girlfriend in Pattaya and the mystery of the body in the barrel | Samui Times
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When a 21 year old soldier arrived at the Banglamung Hospital in Pattaya with his girlfriend, he claimed tried to hang herself, doctors, who were unable to save her, were highly suspicious of extensive bruising to her upper body and notified the police.

Police officers subsequently visited the home of Private Tawatchai, 21 who left the hospital soon after arriving with Khun Wassana, 24. Private Tawatchai was later arrested and gave a full confession, telling officers that he saw red when he discovered his girlfriend had been seeing another man. During his attack on her he said he hit her with a belt which he later tied around her neck, he also confessed to repeatedly hitting her head against the wall of the apartment. When he realized he had seriously injured the woman he panicked and took her to the hospital where he concocted the attempted suicide story. The man will now be charged with murder before being returned to his regiment in Prachinburi.

In a separate incident the Banglamung Police were called to a lake in the Takiendier area in north Pattaya over the weekend after charred human remains were found in a barrel.

The 200 liter barrel, initially seen in the water, had been removed from the lake before the grizzly contents were discovered. Due to the condition of the skeletal remains it has so far not been possible to say if they belong to a male or female or establish the nationality of the victim.

A piece of rope was also found in the barrel. It is thought that the person had died after being thrown into the barrel before it was set alight. An area of burnt grass was discovered nearby along with some empty bullet casings, Police have so far not linked the bullets to the death, as the area is known as a place where young men go to shoot their guns into the air for recreation.

Forensic police have now removed the evidence and a post mortem examination will take place to try to determine the age, sex and nationality of the deceased.

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