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Some facts about pizza and our competition

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Some facts about pizza and our competition | Samui Times
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Pizza was invented in Naples Italy and has since become popular all over the world. It is a little known fact that October is traditionally national Pizza month in the USA. The word Pizza (from the Latin very pinsere, to press and from the Greek pektos, meaning solid, or clotted) is Greek in origin. The ancient Greeks covered their bread with oils, herbs and cheese.

Urban legend has it that Pizza Margherita was invented in 1889 when the Royal Palace of Capodimonte commissioned the Neapolitan pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito to create a pizza in honor of the visiting Queen Margherita. He created three and the Queen’s firm favorite was the one with the three colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), green (basil) and white (mozzarella). This is supposedly where the Margherita got its name, although these facts have been disputed.

The largest known pizza in the world was created in 1990 at Norwood Pick n Pay hypermarket in Johannesburg South Africa. The pizza was created from 500k of flour, 800kg of cheese and 900kg of tomato puree. The pizza was 37.4 meters in diameter and found its way into the Guinness book of world records; however, Bill Bahr from Iowa Falls, a restaurant owner knocked it off its no.1 spot. With two hundred assistants, 1,815 kilos of cheese, 3175 kilos of sauce and 4,310 kilos of crust he managed to produce a 129 x 98.6 foot pizza and gave ten slices each to the 5,200 residents in Iowa Falls.

In 2006 Cristian Dumitru of Romania managed to eat a 90 kilo pizza in one week.

The most popular pizza topping in the USA is pepperoni, the least favorite is anchovies.

The longest pizza delivery was ten thousand miles when one pizza left Feltham, England and was delivered in Melbourne.

The most expensive 12” pizza, made with toppings such as smoked salmon, venison, edible gold, lobster marinated in the finest cognac and champagne soaked caviar, made by Nino’s Bellisima in New York City carries a $1000 price tag!

The pizza industry is worth thirty billion dollars with annual sales of 5 billion globally.

It is our quest over the next two weeks to find the best pizza in Koh Samui and we need your help. Please tell us, by voting in our Facebook voting poll who you think is dishing up the best pizza. Once the votes are in, our judge acting as a mystery customer, will visit the top three outlets, try and judge the pizza. One certificate will be issued for the popular choice and the wining venue will receive a certificate and a free write up in the Samui Times.

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